It's a fact... people hate clutter. Things are constantly getting lost in the clutter and it takes forever to find items when you really need them. A lot of my friends even resort to just buying new version of whatever it is they're looking for if they're unable to find it after a couple of days. An easy solution to this problem is by using a simple organization tool like plastic storage boxes.

I'm not into complicated systems. I like to keep things incredibly simple and straight forward. Plus, it has to be affordable. Plastic storage boxes got me interested because they encompassed all of these things and came in a wide range of sizes. They help me keep all of my belongings in order, accessible, and save me a ton of time.

The concept behind the storage boxes is simple; it allows you to divide your belongings into different categories such as clothing, kitchen supplies, daily items like keys, and any little items you find useful. Plus, you can use the boxes for long term storage, and have it down in a very organized way. If you need large plastic boxes to store your belongings, there are plenty of different makes and models to choose from. Plus, you can find them at your local retailer at good prices.

You have your choices of clear, opaque, or colored plastic boxes. I find buying different colors, along with using labels, helps me organize my long term storage items efficiently. I set up different areas in my garage to store specific colored boxes filled with similar items. You can follow this system in all of your rooms and have an organizational system up and running in no time.

Labeling your boxes is also important. It eliminates any guessing and you can easily retrieve whatever you're looking for in a snap. And it's really simple; take a permanent marker, some adhesive tape, and get started. If you don't do this, I can assure you that you'll be tempted to throw your belongings in boxes that they're not supposed to be it.

You have to exercise self-discipline. This way you'll actually follow your system of putting things in their designated area. This, along with donating things you no longer used, will allow you to organize not only your house but your life.

So if you're looking for a simple and effective storage solution, plastic storage boxes will be able to solve them. With some basic organization skills and a little discipline, you'll cut down on all of the clutter in your home and life.

You don't have to just use Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes for your organization needs. There is a wide variety of plastic storage box brands to choose from that are very durable and affordable.