Plastic storage drawers come in a wide variety of sizes. There is a size to suit almost any organizational task. There are tiny drawers for thread and screws, and larger drawers for sweaters and other large items. Some are smaller and can be set on a table or mounted on a wall, while others are large wheeled units which are tall enough to sit on the floor.

These storage containers can be used in any room of the house where additional storage space is needed. One can never have enough kitchen storage and they can be set upon a counter or on the floor for additional drawer space.

One popular location for a complex unit of many small drawers is the garage. Most garages need all the storage space that they can get, and storage drawers are a wonderful way to hold all those little loose items that tend to gather in the garage. These small plastic storage drawers normally have a square frame and a number of drawers inserted into the frame. All these drawers are pretty small but they still have a few different sizes.

Storage drawers work well in a bathroom as well. A bathroom may not have quite as many tiny objects as a garage, but there are still a lot of things that can but put away. Although many bathrooms have a medicine cabinet they are occasionally skipped. I'm not sure why that is, and it is annoying, but it is something that we have to deal with. If you have a bathroom that lacks storage you can use one of these plastic storage drawers as a great space saving tool.

Kitchens are another place where storage space is often in short supply. Dish rags, pot holders, utensils, and other flotsam that tend to gather in the kitchen all need a home. A large wheeled set of storage drawers is a great way to keep the things you need to have both tidy and portable. One place that can sometimes use non-wheel drawers as part of your pantry storage. Everyone needs a junk drawer and having an extra one in the pantry can give you one more normal drawer in the kitchen.

Of course we can't forget the bedroom. This is probably the worst offender for clutter of all the rooms in the house. It is so easy to just close the door and forget that it exists. People tend to go into the other rooms but (hopefully) no one will go into a bedroom without permission. Prescriptions, nail polish, and other necessary items are often kept in bedrooms. The theory of out of sight, out of mind sounds great until you can't find something that you need.

One great use for plastic storage containers is to hold remotes and wires for home electronics. Most homes have more electronics than they have in the past, but the design of houses does not seem to be keeping up. Too few cubbies and too many remotes is the bane of most home electronics.

Adding some plastic storage drawers to your home is a way to increase the storage capability of all rooms. These plain or fancy storage units can hold the things that you'd just as soon not have everyone that wanders into your house looking at. We need a lot of stuff on a daily basis, but the neighbors don't need to know about it.