A decade ago, people may have turned their noses up at plastic storage sheds. Of course, there will always be those who will want to put wood in their backyard, and we always love a good debate. The bottom line is that, the average home owner is looking for practical solutions with a touch of class. This is why sheds that are made of plastic have been taking over for some time now.

It is true, wood does have a sense of charm, but this only lasts until the bugs start to creep inside, and you will soon find your expensive shed rotting away after a heavy winter period. Have a look at these sheds and what they have to offer, and then make a decision for yourself.  

The Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed

At first sight the Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed does not look like much, but have a closer look and you will find that there is a lot that it can offer you. There is a lot more you can get out of this shed, than just a couple of gardening tools. There is ample space to get perfectly organized in your yard or garden.

There are two doors that open on the panels, and these are easy to operate on a rod. I have to add here, that this is sealed as tight as you can get it so we are not talking about any rust issues here. As for durability, Suncast has made sure that the material can stand through all weather conditions. This includes extreme heat and cold and you will find that the shed is not going crack or peel.

Suncast has done a good job at making the appearance so likeable that people are really taking to this design. The fact that it lasts so much longer is a big plus. You can do so much to wood to make it last, but at the end of the day there is still the wooden material underneath and this is eventually going to rot. Another thing which is not as easy to do with wood is the actual cleaning. All you need for this shed is a damp cloth and a hosepipe. There is no chance you can do that with a wooden shed.


If you are feeling unsecure about the shed, then the simple solution is to add a padlock in the space provided. It is not easy to open, but if you have kids around then this may be the answer, especially if you have things for the garden that you don't want little fingers to go near. This is also a good thing for pets in the case that you leave the door slightly ajar.

This particular plastic garden shed is the perfect way to protect your trashcan from those nasty racoons that can really be irritating at times. Once you hear that familiar sound in your yard you know just what has happened, but this won’t be happening with a shed like this.

There is no doubt, there are a couple of brands that stand out above the rest, and Suncast is one of them. They have been making a variety of garden furniture and storage items that create good reports due to their durability and overall fine quality. 

The Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box with Seat

The Rubbermaid 5F21 Deck Box with seat serves two functions. It looks like a great looking seat, which you can just chill out on next to the pool or amongst the flowers in the garden and just escape from anything. Except, when you look again, you will find something which you may not have expected to find. Underneath the seat is ample space to fit a whole lot of items inside which you may need for the yard or deck. It's the perfect place to pack your kids toys in and keep the garden spic and span after a day of fun.

As for durability, you will find that there is no problem there because it’s really made to last. This is what Rubbermaid focuses on. The seat lifts up with a hinge, but there is not much chance of this rusting away because there’s no way that any moisture can get to the inside.

Pool accessories can also be stacked away here. It is so convenient to have everything there, like the equipment to keep the pool clean. Some people even like to keep a couple of towels around, which is not a bad idea. You don’t have to run inside every time you want to dive into the pool.


Keeping your patio furniture clean and dry can be hard work, but the deck box can help a lot and it means you don’t have to do all that extra work. Everyone has different needs and requirements, so it all depends on what is more important to you.

The appearance of the deck box is rather unique, blending in to the surroundings of the garden. It comes with a colored lid which you can choose from along with olive steel panels, which are also weather resistant.

Reviews of the product have been a little mixed, but on the whole people have taken positively to the deck box. The thing that most people seem to have a problem with is the design, but otherwise it has gone down well.

The Rubbermaid 3746 Vertical Storage Shed

The Rubbermaid 3746 Vertical Storage Shed has enough space to store two garbage cans in. Not everyone uses the shed for garbage cans, but it is a nice idea to keep your space neat and tidy, and you can also hang a couple of other things in there. It certainly keeps all of the racoons out of sight.

 The main purpose of this shed is to store things like garden equipment, pool equipment, toys that kids need for the garden, and perhaps toys for the pets to keep them busy. You may even want to keep your favorite barbeque goodies in there and this will prevent them from rusting away. As you can see, there are so many things you can do with a shed like this. Your yard and garden will be organized in a second.

Shelves don't normally come with the shed, but they are easy enough to install and if you are skilled in the DIY department then you will find that they are very easy to make. Slotting them in is not a problem because there are holes made for this. In a matter of 20 minutes you will have this together. All you need is a mallet which will get everything into place.

If you are worried about wear and tear, then don’t even let that enter your mind because this particular shed can cope with extreme heat, as well as cooler conditions. Rubbermaid has made sure that there is no leaking that is going to take place so you can be quite confident leaving your shed outside. I would leave it against a wall or use some kind of an anchor so that it is protected against the wall. In most cases it is fine, but in some areas where there are strong winds, you have to be a little more cautious.

Why one Should Invest in motorcycle sheds

If you have a motorbike you will also be aware of the security issues. Leaving your bike parked in a public place is bad enough, but if you are logical about it and use your head then you will park your bike with other bikes and lock it up. Of course, most people who have expensive bikes only use them for recreational purposes like going on a camping adventure with other bikers, but what do you do at home when you have to store you bike? This is what makes a lot of bikes nervous.

This is when motorcycle sheds are very useful because something that is well made, is both durable and will also hide your bike away from those sticky fingers. There are a variety of motorcycle storage sheds that you can choose from, depending on what kind of security features you are looking for and where you live.

If you stay in the inner city district where there is a lot of crime around then you will want to find something that is made of a material which is going to be strong enough to keep anyone away. One of these will have a lock as well.

On the other hand if you stay in the country and you are just a little bit worried about leaving your bike in the open then you may not want to settle for the nuts and bolts with a great big padlock. In a case like this, you could go for a tent like structure. This doesn't have a lock, but it simply hides your bike away and it is not as inviting.

motorcycle shed

It is not only a security issue that you have to deal with here – weather is also a big factor. You will find that at times you will have to cope with extreme temperatures and this is when you want to protect your bike. Your other half won’t be too pleased when you drag your bike into the house and it is not going to fit into the garage very easily. Rust is another issue, which many people battle with, especially those who live on the coast and this is why keeping your bike covered is not a bad idea.