Plastic Surgery Overseas

Interested in Plastic Surgery Overseas?

Type the phrase "plastic surgery overseas" into any search engine and it will amaze you when you realize that there are over four million results. The increasing cost of health care in the United States has driven thousands of people to search for plastic surgery overseas. As an elective procedure, plastic surgery is not covered by insurance. Therefore, price is the greatest selling point of "medical tourism," with full vacation and surgical packages costing less than many individual procedures in the United States. This is really the ticket to low cost plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Overseas: Medical Vacation?

Advertised as "medical vacations," plastic surgery is an acute medical procedure – not truly a vacation. There are many highly skilled physicians practicing around the world. Medical tourism and plastic surgery continue to grow in popularity as many find it is not possible to afford the leading surgeon in their home area, yet can afford the leading surgeon with plastic surgery overseas. How can we know the doctor is truly a leading surgeon when located outside the United States? United States laws do not apply to physicians, their staff, or medical facilities outside the United States, which causes potential patients to take on more risk if they elect to travel abroad for this procedure.

Plastic Surgery Overseas: Surgeon Credentials

Patients find it is difficult to determine credentials, however The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery sets exceptionally high standards. Physicians must possess years of surgical specialty training and experience, abide by highest ethical standards, and undergo rigorous evaluations before receiving recommendations. Those physicians approved must have the highest commitment to patient safety and ethics. Visit their website for a complete list of their approved nationally certified, qualified physicians at Do not take unnecessary risks that can potentially cause serious health problems.

Plastic Surgery Overseas: Don't Forget to Rest

Sometimes activities normally reserved for vacation time can impair a patient's condition. Patients need to rest after surgery for several days to promote proper healing. Patients need to wait seven to ten days after procedures, before planning long flights home, to avoid blood clots and other serious complications. Do not plan physical exercise, excessive walking, sunbathing, swimming, or drinking alcohol after you have had such a procedure.

Plastic Surgery Overseas: Overall, There Is Still Good Value

Even taking into account the extra risk and additional considerations of traveling to another country, plastic surgery overseas can still be of value to those who exercise caution. In 2008, 1.3 million Americans went overseas seeking medical attention. Medical tourism is currently a $20 billion market. With the estimated growth of the market, it is expected to be at least a $100 billion industry by 2012.

As with any surgery, it is important ask questions before making a decision. Know before going what your itinerary will include. Determine what choices or other facilities are available if complications such as infection, blood loss, or dangerous reactions to anesthesia occur.

Discuss options with a personal physician, and listen to their advice when possible. Modern technology has made medical complications less common. Using precautions helps to reduce the risk of complications to plastic surgery overseas.