Plastic Surgery Thailand
Credit: townsville.olx

Be honest, when you think of plastic surgery Thailand, your mind is not filled with pleasant images of world class surgeons performing pinpoint procedures with the finest surgical tools on the planet. You probably imagine clinics which are 30 or more years old, surgeons that can’t speak English which leads to communication difficulties as they hack away at your semi-conscious body with a low grade scalpel. Fortunately, these stereotypical images are as fake as the implants used in surgery to increase the size of a woman’s breast. Plastic surgery Thailand just happens to also be the name of a website where you can view the pricelist and additional information of the nation’s best clinics including Naravee.

Thailand has worked hard to cast aside the aforementioned images, yet they still remain firmly fixed in the minds of those who have never set foot in Thailand. Instead of trying to find facts, they assume that stories of seedy brothels encompassing an entire nation filled with criminals and gangs are true. It’s much easier to believe the myths that Thailand is some sort of Third World country with high crime, low prospects and poorly educated citizens. After all, if you found out the truth, which is that Thai surgeons are as well trained as their American counterparts, that Thai universities are plentiful and full to the brim and their health service is comparable (if not better than) to that of America’s, you would have much less faith in ‘Western Society’.

Those who believe the above myths will probably never set foot on Thai soil. Instead, if they want plastic surgery, they will stay at home and pay $8,000 or more for a procedure that would cost less than half that in Thailand. They will lie on an operating table, convinced that they are under the care of the world’s best surgeons. Those with an open mind and who are thirsty for knowledge will learn more about Thailand. They will learn that plastic surgery Thailand is home to surgeons who have been trained in America and Europe. They will pay $3,000 or thereabouts for surgeries that could cost nearly $10,000 in America.

On top of this, there will be minimal recovery time due to the excellence of the Thai surgeons. In the event that you receive surgery which requires a few days to recover from, you will spend it in clinics containing the kind of luxury you will not see in America and Europe. As the cost of living in Thailand is so low, plastic surgery Thailand is cheap despite the high quality on offer. Once you have recovered from the operation, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of a nation filled with 16 million tourists each year.

If you still believe the myths, ask yourself why more than 1.2 million people travel around the world to seek plastic surgery Thailand if it’s so dangerous. They come for the amazing scenery, the natural beauty and the price but more than 1 million people are not foolish enough to let price come ahead of their health. The fact is, plastic surgery Thailand is known to be among the safest anywhere in the world. You can save thousands on plastic surgery, have an amazing holiday and come back a new person. So what are you waiting for?