UPlastic Tube Bird FeederCredit: Amazon.comsing a plastic tube bird feeder is a great way to keep the food dry and to get a variety of different birds that enjoy the smaller seeds such as Niger and Thistle seed.

But the problem I personally have found is that the tube feeders just didn’t have enough ports to get a larger variety of them.  You either had to get a few of these tubes and hang them up or just have one.  But with space at a premium, I discovered this 3 tube feeder that has a copper roof and copper at the opening ports that also strengthen it to last through the weather.  It holds a good sized batch of seeds too.

This way you can fill the feeders with different seeds or the same type of seed but now you have numerous ports in one hanging feeder.

The roof is also great at not only protecting the seed from the weather but it also seems to foil the attempts of squirrels who will try to get at the seed.

The tray in the bottom catches any extra seed that might come out so as not to waste it, and give the birds another spot that they can feed at.  So some can be at the ports and others in the tray at the same time.

This particular feeder not only has 3 large capacity tubes, but it has optional 12 port openings for different seeds for different birds.  It also has a built in seed funnel so no more messes with that fine seed.

If you offer different seeds in each tube you will get a greater variety of birds, and the copper makes this feeder very attractive.  This is a well put together quality feeder and does a good job of foiling squirrels.  The roof makes it too slippery for them to jump onto.

You can hang this from a tree, and it is recommended that you try and hang it at least 12 feet from the trunk of a tree so that birds can have a full view of where their predators are, and squirrels are less likely to jump on this feeder.

Plastic Tube Bird Feeder(99167)Credit: Amazon.com

Perky-Pet 7103-2 Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder Feeding birds is a great way to attract them to your backyard, and there is no reason why the feeder cannot look good as well as serve a function.

This feeder will hold up to 10 pounds of food, so you can stock it up without worries of the weather fouling the food.

Feeding the birds all year round will attract colour and activity to your yard.  Even the larger ones such as cardinals will enjoy the bottom tray and so there will be more activity on your feeder with more feeding stations and port holes.

You can get these plastic tube bird feeders in many bird supply or pet supply stores, but many are just the single tube which limits how many can feed and what type of food you supply, but by getting a 3 tube feeder with a domed lid and a bottom tray you will see more activity and use a variety of seed all in one feeder.

You can get this style of feeder online at sites such as Amazon as well as the seed.  Many birds love Niger and thistle seed, so why not treat them and enjoy the view.

this is not only great quality but looks good in your yard too.