Cheap Folding Office Chairs for Sale

Folding office chairs work well in office environments. They are used as guest chairs and extra seats during an office get together and are lightweight and easy to transport. A foldable office chair is more comfortable to sit on when it is cushioned on the seat and back rest but unpadded chairs are also highly durable, weather proof and will cost less to ship because they are lighter in weight. Some chairs come with a third cross brace while others have caps on their tips to improve stability. When purchasing a chair, it is better to consider the purpose for which it is meant to serve because although they are cheaper than other office chairs, foldable office chairs can make weak or strong statements since different styles and designs are available on the market.

Types of folding office chairs

Metal: A folding office chair may have 100% metallic frame work which is good because all metals are durable and are sure to last for a very long time. These chairs will not harbor any stains from spilled drinks and are easy to clean up with a dry wipe. A common property of metal chairs is that that they have a high adaptability to temperatures. They are cold to sit on in winter and should only be used indoors at that time. They will also become extremely hot if left under the sun for a very long time in summer. One way to take precautions would be to feel the temperature of the chair with a fingertip before sitting wholeheartedly on it. However, if used inside buildings that are kept at room temperature or in warm environments, there is nothing to worry about.

Plastic: They are softer to sit on because they have a little elastic property. They are available in different colors and there is no need to paint a plastic chair or add extra polish or finish to it. Plastic chairs are neutral to temperature but can melt in very hot temperatures if placed beside naked fires or introduced to very hot surfaces.

What is the price of folding office chairs?

Folding office chairs cost from $29 to $50 and chairs with tablet arms cost$60-$80. Heavily upholstered folding chairs cost $100- $200 depending on the weight capacity and complexity of the chair.

Taking care of metal folding office chairs

  • To take care of a painted surface, chair cleaners and waxing chemicals can be used to retain its look. To restore chairs with oxidized paint certain chemicals and compounds can be used to remove oxidation.
  • Do not use compounds that leave off marks and scratch off paint and cover up with wax coating after application.
  • Prevent rusting on chips of iron by applying alcohol followed with a little bit of sand and use a specialized kit for touch up and pick one that matches the color of the paint.
  • It is possible for rust to spread on chairs but rust preventing chemicals can be applied to resolve this problem. Steel wool can also be used to reduce shine on paint finish giving it a moderate look by simply just patting down on all areas.

Other chair parts should be checked and inspected for rusting and cleaned up monthly. Replace damaged or worn out parts and lubricate chairs and screws regularly.