All About Buying Plastics Pallets and Cheap Industrial Plastic Pallets

As any warehouse technician or shipping specialist will tell you, a business that ships large items can only function as successfully as they have a good reliable stock of pallets on hand. While many companies still use traditional wooden pallets for large shipping orders and freight shipments, there are a couple of reasons why some companies are using plastics pallets for shipping oversized freight items. Plastics pallets have a number of important advantages over traditional wooden pallets when it comes to difficult shipping jobs. For one thing, plastics pallets are highly resistant to splintering, which is the bane of traditional wooden pallets. When wooden pallets begin to show signs of splintering, its indicative of a larger structural problem that's only going to get worse as the pallet continues to be used. Plastics pallets have a good level of resistance against splintering because they come from a one-piece mold that leads to increased overall durability and makes any given point on the plastics pallet stronger. Plastics pallets are usually found in standard sizes like 48" x 40". One plastics pallet of this size can typically stand about 3,500 lbs when placed on the floor, and about 1,200 lbs when supported by a forklift! Best of all, these plastics pallets are affordable and can cost around $30 each.

Industrial Plastics Pallets for Sale

Industrial plastcis pallets are ideal for international shipping and beloved and trusted by companies that ship regular freight to foreign countries. International frieght shipping presents a number of unique challenges for companies and individuals that are trying to get their goods to their destination quickly but still in great shape. For one thing, international shipping usually requires traditional wooden pallets to be either fumigated and / or heat treated. This is due to some of the extreme conditions that freight pallets can face in the course of international shipping.

Wooden pallets are treated with fumigation to prevent small pests and insects like termites from consuming or weaking the pallets during the course of freight shipping. This adds another layer of cost, effort and frustration to any shipping company. Industrial plastics pallets, on the other hand, do not require heat treatment or fumigation. Insects will leave plastics pallets alone during international freight shipping and these specialized plastics pallets are already strong and stury enough not to require heat treatment for increased strength. These industrial models of plastics pallets are known to support about 10,000 lbs while stationed on the floor and up to 2,300 lbs while suspended on a fork lift. At around 22 lbs per indutrial plastics pallet, you can feel confident shipping international freight because of their innately heavy-duty construction.Best of all, you can stack up to 40 fresh pallets in only 8 feet of verticle space!

Heavy Duty Plastics Pallets for Sale

Heavy duty plastics pallets are favored by extremely heavy freight shipment specialists. These heavy duty plastics pallets usually come in the same standard 48" x 40" sizes, but are even more durable and rated for heavier loads. These particular plastics pallets can withstand loads of up to 30,000 lbs while stationed on the floor and up to 3,000 lbs when supported by a forklift. Meanwhile, the pallets themselves only weigh about 29 lbs on average, so they contribute a tremendous amount of strength without adding too much to the overall freight shipment weight, which translates to savings on fuel and transport.

Heavy duty plastics pallet have another distinct advantage over traditional wooden pallets in that they are already prepared to handle water, moisture and fluids that might find their way onto loads during the course of international freight shipping. These heavy duty plastics pallets are designed with special drainage holes pre-installed in each pallet. This allows fluids to drains from off the of the plastics pallets during the course of shipping, which means that it's easier to keep your loads dry when you're using heavy duty plastics pallets for freight shipping.

These specialty pallets also feature wide rectangular feet to keep them stable on the ground, even when they're stacked with tall and heavy loads.

Drum Plastics Pallets for Sale

These specialty drum plastics pallets are designed with one special purpose in mind - to keep standard 55 gallon drums safe and securely in place during long shipments. 55 gallon drums are an industry standard used to transport all kinds of liquid and even some dry goods. However, the problem with these drums from a shipping perspective is that they can shift during transport and sometimes become loose enough to cause problems.

Specialty drum plastics pallets are designed specifically to keep this from happening. These drum plastics pallets achieve this aim by featuring four recessed rings in their top layers which hold 55 gallon drums securely in place even during long distance shipments. They are available in the standard 48" x 40" sizes and the heaviest duty versions can handle shipment loads of up to 30,000 lbs!