Unlike the old style bed when you needed a box and spring mattress or even wooden slats a platform bed offers more simplicity. You don't need a box or the slats. A board is used to securely hold your mattress. There is more than one reason why these beds are popping up all over the place. The two biggest things that consumers always demand in everything they shop for is style and comfort. A bed with a platform frame offers both. With these two qualities anything will sell like a hotcake.

It's important that that bed is stylish because people nowadays like to keep up with the latest home designs and not many are comfortable with the old look. What is fashionable now is something that is sleek and simple. Space efficient is also another feature that is very important to many consumers. With smaller homes and smaller rooms a platform bed is not bulky and will take minimum space possible. It will also offer you usable storage space underneath it. A trundle is often used as part of the bed or bought separately to store clothes, sheets books or even laundry.

Comfort is another very important feature which is even more important than style. Yes, the frame of the bed can make a difference comfort-wise and might even help you solve your sleeping problems. Getting a refreshing good night sleep everyday is very important for us to live our lives happily. Restless sleep can affect the way you think, how you interact with people and how you function throughout the day. Lack of sleep can be very miserable and stressful. The sad thing is that so many people don't know that it might be their old bed and mattress causing these problems. A platform can use any kind of mattress whether it is thin or think. It offers full support allowing the cushion or sponge to contour your body allowing you to sleep very comfortably.

Whenever you are ready to look for a new bed then it is very advisable to take a look at platform beds. Most people get sold even before sitting or lying down on it. It looks great and looks like it would offer comfort. Doing research and reading reviews you will hear about many whose lives have changed after switching to a platform bed. Most of who have said they slept like a baby from the first night.