Platinum Eagle Coins are America's official platinum bullion, giving investors a simple manner in which to take advantage of platinum as an investment in precious metals. They were first put out in 1997, after being authorized by congress in 1996. These coins are not released into the national banking system during the year of mintage, and are sold only to collectors and coin dealers.

Platinum Eagle Coins, are the only official investment grade coins which are platinum that come from the United States Government. Available from the United States Mint, these coins can play an important part in any precious metals portfolio. Even rarer than gold, platinum features a silver-nickel colored finish, and displays a one of a kind characteristic that allows it to have a density that is similar to gold.The United States government guarantees the purity, content, and weight of the Platinum Eagle, and it the only platinum bullion coin that has earned this distinction.

The face value of all American Eagles are printed in U.S. dollars, and they are legal tender coins as well. Even though the face value is mostly symbolic, it gives proof that the coin is an official product of the United States Mint. It is made of .9995 fine platinum, and is offered in 1/10, 1/4, as well as 1/2 and 1 troy oz. varieties. The one ounce coin has a face value of $100, and it is the largest to ever be on a coin from the United States.

Since the inception of their release, the U.S. Mint has also made collectible proof versions of the coins available for sale exclusively to collectors. Each of the denominations was offered for sale on an individual basis, or as part of a complete 4-coin set. During it's inaugural issue year in 1997, the United Stated Mint produced a limited "Impressions of Liberty" set which included a combination of the 1-ounce 1997 Proof Gold, Silver, and Platinum Eagle coins. These popular proof verions are unique in that they are the only United States bullion coin that has a reverse design that alternates on a yearly basis. This unique feature alone draws the interest of many bullion investors and collectors.

Platinum Eagles may be utilized as part of an Individual Retirement Account in the United States, since it is thought of as a commodity platinum, instead of just a rare coin. Because of it's relative rarity, it is quite possible that you may be able to liquidate your Platinum Eagles for a price that is well over the face value of the coin, as well as at a higher premium than the value of the platinum that is in the coin itself.

These coins can often be difficult to locate in prestine condition and are rare due to the fact that the mintage census for each year has traditionally been quite small. Since platinum as a raw material is so rare, mintages and coin purchases are at times often relatively low in comparison to other bullion coins. Because of these lower mintages, many bullion experts believe that the American Platinum Eagle is a terrific investment for possible future gains.