Play doh magic swirl set


I loved the Sprinkle colored Play-doh. It was really unique.

There are many molds to choose from on this toy. Even if you aren't decorating ice cream they are still fun to play with.


The ice cream did not exactly twirl neatly into the ice cream cone. Maybe it takes practice, but my little guy did not seem to mind.

The part of the Ice cream machine that made the sprinkles was difficult for my guy to operate. You have to twist it all the way down on the top in order to get the sprinkles out.

This is an akward toy to store. You have to take the arms off and store it in it's orginal box unless you have a table it can sit on.

Full Review

Play doh magic swirl set

The Play-doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe has a lot of neat features. The kit is easy to assemble. You just put the two arms in place. The center of the toy is the ice cream swirl dispenser. You just put in your Play-doh up top and press on the lever. The pressing of the lever causes the ice cream cone to twirl so when the dough comes out, it looks exactly like an ice cream. Well in theory that is. We had a hard time getting the Play Doh to coil up exactly in the cone. It kinda just piled in.

The other two arms are for the toppings. One arm you put in the specially made Play Dough for sprinkles. Turn the lever and the sprinkles come out in pieces to resemble sprinkles. The other lever is for the whipped cream or hot fudge. Put the white or brown Play-doh in and squish it down on top of your ice cream.

The Play-Doh Magic swirl ice cream maker come with two plastic ice cream dishes (a parfait dish and a sundae dish) and two plastic cones. It also has some spoons to add to the pretend play. There are four specially made play doughs for the ice cream. We got a container of pink, a container of green,a light brown and a white Play-Doh with actual sprinkles inside.

What I really liked about this Play-Doh machine was that there were molds everywhere on it. All the white space you see in the picture is covered with little molds. Forty molds to be exact. Molds are of hearts, or flowers or other designs. The molds are even along side of the main swirl maker. The molds can be used on the ice cream or the Play-doh cake maker. Along the front of the toy is a small cake shoppe your can place over a mold. The top has holes so you can create candles. The rest of the plastic can be covered up with the molds. The plasitc cake itself is a light brown and about two inches big.

In Closing

This is a great toy for an older child. The younger ones tend to mix up the Play-Doh. I think this toy is very creative and if your child likes playdough they can have a lot of enjoyment out of it.