The PlayStation®3 160GB gaming systems is just one of two of the new products that Sony has lined up to début this fall just in time for the Christmas shopping season to begin. The new PlayStation 3 gaming system gives you everything you what and much more than you would expect. This new model offers tons of exclusives with increased storage capacity for the same price as previous models. This new model is available in stores now, and is sure to be a Christmas must have.

The larger hard drive gives you the ability to store a greater number of games with out of this world graphics, 1,280 games to be exact. It also has the capacity to store almost a 100 movies, and with a high definition Blu-ray player built in just for your HD collection, well what more could you ask for. Maybe you would rather have a massive music collection? Well now you can at the tune of 36,500 songs in high quality surround sound. It could be that cherished memories are your cup of tea. Well this baby can store over 25,000 shots of your fondest memories. Whatever digital media you choose to store the PlayStation®3 160GB system gives lots of capacity to make it happen all without inflating the price.

That is not all the bells and whistles that you will get if you purchase one this season. The new PlayStation®3 160GB comes internet ready with built-in Wi-Fi. Once you get it be sure to sign up for a PlayStation®Network membership. With this membership you gain access to many exclusive multiplayer online, and you can also download other games and movies. After signing up at Netflix, you can stream movies for no additional charge. You can get all of this in a slim, quiet package that is sure to please.

This system features a 1080p resolution, built in high definition blu-ray, internet ready built in Wi-Fi , two USB ports, a cell broadband engine advanced microprocessor, and a PlayStation®Network membership in a sleek compact design just in time for Christmas. This would make the perfect gift for teenagers as well as that special man on your list. My sons could never get enough play time in when they were younger, and they still purchase each new gaming system as it comes out.

Where can you find the new PlayStation®3 160GB? This new system can be found at Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, GameStop, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Sears, and Toys "R" Us. Right now is a great time to make your purchase before Black Friday gets here. You don't want to end up with the sad situation at Christmas when they are sold out everywhere. I always hate it when that happens. If you would like more information to compare it with the new PlayStation®3 360GB that has also come out this fall, then you should join a PlayStation 3 forum. There you can catch up and all of the pros and cons, glitches, and tips and tricks. These forums are full of advice and they will help you enjoy a richer gaming experience.

Here is the PlayStation 3 160 Uncharted Drake's Fortune Package.

PlayStation 3 160GB Uncharted Drakes Fortune