Sony has done it again. The company has just released the new PlayStation 3 160GB Accessory Slim Bundle just in time for Christmas. The new slim PlayStation 3 160GB has all the enhanced features of the previous models, but with a huge increase in storage space capacity. It has a slim new design that is quiet and attractive, and with the Accessory Bundle the gaming experience is exponential enhanced. With all of it's latest additions, this system is bound to be a popular Christmas gift for the teenager in your family, or the man in your life this year.

Whit it's increased hard drive, it has the capacity to store over a 1,000 games, and it comes with a Dualshock 3 wireless controller to boot. If music is what your into, then it can hold over 36,000 songs for your listening pleasure. The hard drive has the ability to hold over 25,000 of your favorite photos, as well as almost a 100 movies. It has a built in Blu-ray disc player for your HD media, and it is internet ready with built in Wi-Fi. With it's HDMI output for 1080p resolution, and it's surround sound capabilities, it will not stay on the shelves for long.

If you purchase the PlayStation 3 160GB Accessory Slim Bundle, your gaming experience will only be magnified. In this package not only do you get all of the other perks, but this Slim Bundle includes an Analog Controller 3 which features a convenient USB plug and is exclusively used with PS3 systems. It also feature a new style controller charger cradle. It is designed with an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a shining blue light effect. It is multifunctional in that it can charge four controllers at once. It also includes the HD component cable.

The PlayStation 3 160GB Accessory Slim Bundle can be found at many retailers such as CompUSA, Amazon, and Dell. Some bundles include different products. For example, the one at Dell features and Blu-ray remote, and a HDMI cable with it's bundle. Be sure to check out the specs to ensure that your getting just exactly what you need.

While you checking out the new additions to PlayStation, you should note that there is a 320GB PS3 Slim available too. It is a bit pricier, but it will only be apart of the new PS3 Sports Champion Move Bundle. It is also sure to be a hit this season.