Most Entertaining Game I've Ever Played

PlayStation Move Bundle(86799)

I have never been a huge fan of golf. Sure I've always wanted to learn how to play it, but I never thought I would get into it as much as I did when I bought the PlayStation Move Tiger Woods Bundles set. I literally can't write the articles I need to, because I'm so addicted to it. My whole purpose for buying this bundle was because I wanted the PlayStation Move and a game my brother and I could take turns playing with it, since I didn't want to purchase two Move controllers. That's when I stumbled across the Tiger Woods Bundle. The bundle includes the PlayStation Eye, The motion controller, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. All of this for around $80, which isn't a bad deal considering the controller and eye camera cost around $60 without the added game. 

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

The addition of the game that comes with the bundle is a Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. Although the 2013 game is about to come out, this EA Sports game is still worth getting as a bonus with the PlayStation Move. When your career begins you have to create your golfer and customize him or her to your likings. Then you begin your golf tour, starting in amateur leagues and moving your way up to the PGA Tour. Of course this may sound like any other boring golf game, but with the Move controller, this game in my opinion is better than any other game I've played. 

Golfing with Move ControllerPlayStation Move Bundle(86797)

The fun part about this game is not using the standard remote control to drive the ball down the fairway, but by using the move controller as if it were a real golf club. This game doesn't have many glitches. It's usually dead accurate as long as you calibrate the controller and the eye correctly. It is just so addicting. My brother and I find ourselves swinging until 3 AM, trying not to wake everybody in the house up. It's kind of hard when your having so much fun chipping in an eagle from the bunker. This game really makes you feel like your part of it.

Getting a Much Needed Workout

PlayStation Move Bundle(86798)

After two days of playing this game with the PlayStation Move for hours and hours, I woke up the following day more sore than I had been in a long time. It was quite painful, but at the same time felt good. It's nice to get a workout from playing a game, instead of just sitting there gaining weight. I had always heard commercials and read reviews about the workout you get from motion  games, but until now, I never realized how much of a workout. I was so sore, it hurt when I tried to play anyway. I wanted to put the controller down and take a break, but I enjoyed the game so much, I couldn't. I just muscled through the soreness and kept golfing.

Strategic Learning and Focus

Another great feature of this game is how strategic it is. It's not just another boring game, that once you win it's all over. You really have to learn the game of golf to get good at this game and it also has a range of settings that make the difficulty easier or harder.  I really feel like you can learn how to play golf before ever touching the greens of a golf course. I know there's is still things you just can't learn from playing the game, but I still feel this is a good start for beginning golfers.

Message to the Parents

If you parents are hearing about how bad your children want the PlayStation Move, I honestly have to say it wouldn't be a bad investment. Games have changed a lot with technology and I feel this game is both beneficial for learning and entertaining. 


I have been a gamer for years and although I have wasted hours on games that would get me nowhere, I have finally found a game system that makes me feel a little better about the time I invest in a game. With a game that you can learn from, stay fit and have fun playing, you can't go wrong with the PlayStation Move Tiger Woods Bundle.

PlayStation Navigation Controller (Sold Seperately)Cons

There aren't many cons to purchasing this bundle, except that the third piece to the PlayStation Move is not included. This is the navagation controller seen in the picture on the left. This remote is not needed for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12, but may be needed to move around on shooting games and other sports games, where navagation is needed. It is sold seperately for around $30.