Why play online games

Deal or No Deal Online

If you’re a fan of the hit T.V. show game, you can also play Deal or no Deal online for free through various websites. To search for sites, you just need to key in keywords related to the game in the search field. Search results will then be displayed so you can check the websites one by one. You can play flash game versions, trial versions, and full/paid versions.

Why play online games

Despite negative connotations associated with playing online games, there are actually benefits you get from it. Most games provide fun and entertainment for everyone bored and has nothing to do to spend their time with. Contrary to popular belief about visual entertainment, games actually help enhance brain function. Analytical thinking is even improved through some games online such as puzzles and word games.

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Online games are also relaxing. Playing will help you relax when faced with a lot of stress, pressure, and tension. Whether you work in an actual office or at home through the Internet, playing online games in between the full eight hours of work daily will definitely ease tensed muscles and thoughts. This in turn will improve your ability to perform at work. Playing at the office is of course applicable only when it’s actually allowed where you work. If not, you can play during breaks or after work hours.

Every activity online including games and participating in social network sites are only effective in easing work tension when you allot limited minutes per day. Excessive gaming or social networking is of course a distraction while working. It may even consume the hours that are supposed to be allotted for work. Worse, it will leave you addicted that you can no longer control or stop the desire to play.

Play online through social networks 

Speaking of social networking, a lot of online game sites have applied a community based gaming system where players can socialize and interact in and out of the game. It can be done through forums, chat rooms, and even profile pages. It’s no wonder why active gaming among members of social network sites like Facebook had prompted other sites like Myspace and Friendster to update their platform and incorporate games too.

Deal or No Deal Online

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Like most other games, Deal or No Deal online offers the same benefits as mentioned above. You get sheer excitement similar to what the television show provides while feeling relaxed at the same time. There’s also analytical thinking involved. Although most believe that selecting the briefcases are done in random and winning is just out of luck, your brain is still enhanced during the process of selection. You’re actually analyzing based on a few factors such as briefcases that are not yet opened and trends or patterns of the amount of money being showcased each time you open a case.

Deal or No Deal Brief History

Deal or No Deal is one of the most sought after game shows on T.V. It was first seen on Holland and had become a worldwide success. If you have enjoyed watching the game on television and had always wanted to play, you can also play Deal or no Deal online for free.

Deal or No Deal Game Rules

On T.V. and online, the same rules apply. Just respond with “deal” if you think the banker’s offer is enough cash for you to go home. If not, it’s “no deal” and you continue playing. If you ever reach the last two briefs, you bring home the amount available on the very last case opened. In case you agree with the deal offered by the banker instead, you bring home the pot money instead.

No one knows how much is hidden beneath the identical brief cases. This makes the game more exciting. The presence of the banker offering money in exchange of a deal also adds excitement. The banker will offer a deal based on the trending of the cases or may even apply computer based analysis. Like the player, he does not know how much amount is hidden behind the brief cases.

The audience also plays a part. On the background, studio viewers will participate with convincing or distracting remarks. This may influence the contestant’s decision most especially if family and friends are also watching. The comments from the host may or may not have as much as impact as the banker’s or the audience’s remarks too.

Deal or No Deal - Playing Online

The T.V. game’s popularity prompted game developers to design an online version. There are in fact many variations when you play Deal or no Deal online for free. Most of these are flash based and do not need downloading or installing anything. You can play slot machine versions, scratch and win with instant winnings, card games, and the classic game based on the T.V. show.

You can play Deal or no Deal online for free as if you’re playing with the same thrill that the television show brings. The rules will be the same as the T.V. version. But for the benefit of those who do not know the basics, it starts with 22 cases offered by lovely assistants. The player is to choose a case one by one hoping that only briefs with a small value are picked. The contestant is given enough time to think before picking a case to be opened.

The game is not always about the cases and the contestant though. The banker, as mentioned earlier adds spice to the game. His goal is to make sure the player goes home with the smallest amount of money possible. The banker may employ behavioral and statistical analogy before offering brides to send the player home. Contrary to what many believe, the banker is not aware of the contents of the identical cases. The only edge he has is the presence of computerized tools to analyze trending. It may not be accurate but it’s a far better shot than predictions based on luck.