Playing hard to get

Playing Hard to Get With a Guy

Men always like to take the first step slower than women. If you’re in this situation, and have started to wonder why the guy is not giving you much attention, well he won't until you play really hard to get with him. Men love challenges and if you are posing yourself as a 'go get' girl, there’s little chance of getting him.

The first step to be successful is to make sure you are flirting with him, but also make sure that it is done on a light note and never use any explicit remark that may lead him to think otherwise. If he’s calling you, don’t rush in and pick up on the first ring. Or better yet return his call in an hour or more. This will arouse his anxiety and he will want to see more of you. But keep a check on that too. Do reply to him at least that day and not weeks!

How to Play Hard to Get with a Guy Over Text

Text messages play an integral part of any love relation. If you’re a couple, you probably are messaging him frequently to ask him about his whereabouts. But if want to play hard to get with with over text, you must control this impulsive nature of texting every few minutes and wait a few hours before texting him either through a social networking site or on his phone number.

In he sends you a text, reply to him after a few hours. Most guys are put off with girls who act too crazy. So try to control yourself and never be too open about anything. Limit your chit chats to a friendly tone and casual talk and do not flirt too much. If he does not text at all, just send him a short text and after getting a reply, wait a few hours to respond back so that you do not seem to be too eager.


How to Play Hard to Get with a Guy Online

How to play hard to get with a guy online is a simple question to answer. Guys are fascinated by mysterious girls who do not divulge much about themselves. So whenever you are online, chatting with a guy on online chat rooms or any of the social networking sites, do not look like you are jumping over him. Give him some space, take time to reply to his chat messages and do not comment on his posts or pictures intensely. This apart, also ensure that whenever he comes online, do not ping him! Even good looking guys require some privacy and space.

A common trick that can be done is you can post a picture and then tag the guy along with a couple of other friends so that it may not look like you are trying too hard to get him. If he shares something personal, do listen to him, but ensure that do not brag to him. If he frequently messages you, try to reply in a day so that it looks you’re really busy.

How to Play Hard to Get with Your Boyfriend

OK! So both of you are a couple since the last couple of years and still you are wondering how to play hard to get with your boyfriend! Well this is the common problem faced by almost every girl. All you need to do is stop giving him all your attention. Once he understands that you are not nagging and pestering him to call you often, he will come back to you. In your hanging out with your friends, do not stand beside him or hold his hand. Simply talk to other friends and he will start noticing you more.

You need to show your boyfriend that you can do very well without him in the large big world. Simply ignoring him at parties would not do. Try to ensure that you do not message or contact him at regular intervals and if he does, respond back after a few hours. Do not show that you are missing him or anything, try to interact with your other friends on the social networking sites and let him understand your importance. 

How to Play Hard to get with a Guy You like

Playing hard to get with a guy onlineLiking and loving are two different things.  If you have a crush or infatuation on someone and it is still in the budding stage, you may very well have to work hard to get the guy. If  you want to play hard to get with this guy, well here is the ultimate solution! First of all you need to find out whether he is really interested in you or not. You can chat with him or text him and if he replies back with eagerness, he’s likely interested in you too!

Do not act like a cheese cake whereby a guy can simply talk nonsense and get away with anything. Try to show a stronger side of yourself because guys generally like stronger girls who can support them at their time of need. Also ensure that even when you flirt, keep it to the basic level and do not go overboard. Guys generally like girls who are unapproachable. Men love flirting and getting cute texts.

Things That Make Your Boyfriend Smile.

5 Tips For Playing Hard to Get With Your Boyfriend

In a relationship, once in a while especially when you are just starting out, it is important to play hard to get for your boyfriend.

 Play hard to get

5 tips for playing hard to get with your boyfriend;

>>>> Don't be an open book…Your boyfriend may assume after some time that he really knows you pretty well and maybe lose interest in you. Keep some things that you like about him secret, be as vague as realistically possible on some issues; but make sure you don't sound or appear rude. Let him be the one asking questions.

>>>> Enjoy the company of your friends…This has to come from the heart; you need to enjoy being with other friends apart from your boyfriend. This is usually hard to fake, so you need to have some close friends who you can share your time with; but try and make them girlfriends. Spending time with another boy may not be a very good idea; your boyfriend may just decide to walk away.

>>>> Remember to reward your boyfriend as you move along…As you play hard to get, remember to reward your boyfriend with some kind words, some affection or you could surprise him with a gift. Make him feel that his efforts are worthwhile and his wishes are being considered. Give him a kiss, hold his hand, drop a love note; such small things will energize him and the pursuit will not stop.

>>>> Don't be easily available and accessible…Get yourself busy. If you are not busy fake it. It is impossible to play hard to get if you are saying yes to every request and you are ready for impromptu dates in a flash. Ignore a phone call or two, let the phone ring a bit don't just jump on the first ring, and please take your time before you respond to that text message. Let him feel that your time is valuable.

>>>> Don't Appear Needy…Even if you are needy, we all are at some point, don't let it show. And never ever let him know things like, you are eagerly looking for a boyfriend or all your close friends are in a relationship, or that your parents are wondering when you are going to get married.

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