Information on Where to Play The Risk Strategy Game Online

In 1957 the world was introduced to La Conquête du Monde ("The Conquest of the World") or what today is better known as the popular strategy board game of world domination, Risk. Now, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, this classic tabletop war game is available in digital form. If you like popular social media apps like Farmville or Mafia Wars then you will definitely love to play this game.

Whether you play Risk online or a real board, game play always starts with a die roll that establishes the order players make initial claim to open territories. Once claimed, a soldier of representative color to the player by whom it is owned occupies each open territory. The appropriate territory cards are then dealt to each player based on the territories that player has claimed.  At this point turns are alternated in ongoing attempts to amass armies across the game's battlefield. Once world domination is achieved the spoils of victory can be counted.

Risk is traditionally a board game for two to six players.  With the introduction of online Risk players compete against virtual or human or users can obtain a Risk download and play this war-game on their desk or laptop computer.  Information about where to play Risk online or where to find other like minded aficionados of global conquest visit  With a few mouse clicks you are likely to find a great deal of information including how to play the game online for free.

A sit-down war campaign in the game of Risk can be a lengthy and intense gathering of diplomats.  Risk is a diversion for the serious and contemplative gamer not unlike chess but on a larger scale. Risk also has many variants of strategy and ploys, novices and war-game veterans alike can find training that will direct them in their pursuit for planetary control in the form of Risk strategy guides. You can find a risk strategy guide in book or electronic form with a simple online search.

The joy and beauty of the game of Risk as with any strategy game, is that it allows the players to continuously grow and develop their gaming skills.  A game of problem solving and off-the-cuff strategizing an afternoon spent playing Risk can be a great deal of fun. The game has the ability to bring together diverse groups of military history buffs young and old.  It can also be an ideal wrap up to a war history unit in any educational setting.  So the next time you are bored with your other online games why not try out the classic game of Risk online?  It is old-fashioned fun for the twenty-first century

Risk The Game Lord Of The Rings Edition

Risk Strategy Board Game For Lord Of The Rings Fans

Risk Strategy Board Game For lord Of The Rings Fans