Kids play rooms should be made just for kids and encourage activity and imagination while also being an enjoyable space for parents to spend time watching or playing with their kids. The key to having a playroom that allows kids to find and use their toys is using a variety of organizational tools. Instead of throwing everything into one big toy chest, toys need to be easy to see, easy to grab and easy to put away – and at a child’s eye level. These play room ideas are easy to implement and kid friendly.

Use ShelvesPlay Room IdeasCredit: Flickr: ThrasherDave

Set up open cubicles or shelves to store large toys. This makes toys easy to see and find, yet up and out of the way when not being played with.

Big Bins

Use bins to separate and store sets and miscellaneous toys. Bins work best for toys sets such as trains, blocks, Legos, and all those small random toys that your child seems to easily collect.

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Kids Table and Chairs

Set up a small children’s table and chair set. This makes a nice place to color and do artwork and as a bonus can be used as the children’s eating table during big family gatherings.

Small Bins

Use small tubs and decorative boxes to store art supplies and smaller toy sets. You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying small bins. You can have your child decorate old shoe boxes with paint or old wrapping paper to store small items.

Use the Closet

Use closet organizers if the room has a closet. Closet organizers give you more usable space and with the variety of combinations available can be created to meet your individual needs. The closet is a great place to store items you don’t want to leave out all the time like paint, scissors, glue, and other craft items.Playroom organizationCredit: Flickr: mrchrishill

Leave Empty Space

Make room for playing. Set up the storage furniture along the walls to leave the center floor space clear.

Quiet Corner

Set up a reading corner with a bookcase and large pillows or small couch.

Play Room Ideas for Decorating

Decorate the walls with your child’s artwork and photos. Frame you child’s drawings and paintings, hang photos of your kids and use a wire or clothes line to hang more artwork. Add some shelves to the walls to display their bigger art pieces.

Play Room Idea TipsPlayroom decorating ideasCredit: Flickr: lovelihood

Measure the playroom for kids and make a list of what types of storage you want to put into the room. This will help you choose useful playroom furniture that will fit into the room.

Save money by shopping at garage sales. Kids items are often sold at garage and yard sales. Since it’s a playroom for the kids, mismatched, eclectic, and colorful furniture will be perfect.


Attach large pieces of furniture to the wall with safety straps so the furniture does not fall on your child. This is especially important if you have a young child that thinks he is part monkey and tends to climb the furniture.