Free online xbox play service

No XBox online service? No problem!So, you don't want to pay for the XBox live service but you still want to prove to the world your the best that's ever been? Well, no problem! There's no need to go out and buy an XBox live subscription when there's a service like XBConncect! Follow the steps below to play your favorite online XBox games for free without getting the XBox live service. Soon the online world will know just how good you really are!

How do I connect to XBConnect?

XBConnect is a simple, free service that allows you to use your PC as a bridge into the internet. Thus allowing you to play your XBox games online without the subscription fee. Just follow the steps below.

  1. The first thing you need to do is have a home network running with a PC. Your Xbox also needs to connect to your home network. Your PC will substitute for the live service.
  2. Next, go to and download their client software, this is what will enable you to play Xbox online without the XBox live service. This software works by making the XBox believe that it's playing locally on your home network and not over the internet.
  3. Turn on your XBox and put in your game of choice. Choose wisely because human opponents aren't as forgiving as computer ones..
  4. Now, go to the 'looking for games' screen under multiplayer.
  5. From your PC start the XBConnect software and it should detect your XBox, the XBox needs to be at the looking for games screen to be detected.
  6. On your PC, once the PC detects your XBox , choose a server that is hosting the game you want to play.
  7. Connect to the server and, once the host starts the game, you'll be able to play online without using the XBox service!

This is absolutely free and totally legal, so you see, there's no reason to pay for the XBox live service, just go to XBConnect and play online for free!