If you need to find a way to spend your time in ways other than writing InfoBarrel articles, head over to Yahoo to play free online games.

The site has more than a thousand free games to play. Many of these games use Java script or Flash, so you can play on your browser. The site markets other games available for download, and though demos are available for free, users must pay for versions of some full PC games.

History of Yahoo! Games

The predecessor to Yahoo! Games was ClassicGames.com, which Yahoo! acquired in 1997. If you want take a trip back to the past, visit Archive.org to see what that site looked like as early as 1997. At that time, the site recommended using Netscape 3.01 (or better) or Internet Explorer 3.02. The games on the site included multiplayer versions of hearts, spades, bridge, poker, go, backgammon, and several other popular varieties.

Yahoo! features new games constantly, so there is always a good variety from which to choose. The main categories of games include social, arcade, board, card, puzzle, and word.

Max Roulette

Max Roulette is a simple roulette table featuring a single zero (which means that the house had a slightly less advantage). Players start with $3,000. There is nothing really special about the video game itself, but it is fun for those who enjoy the real game of roulette.


Pixel Purge

Pixel Purge will remind some of us older players of old 8-bit Atari games. It is a relatively simple game that is something of a mix between Asteroids and Pacman. Users control a tiny ship that goes around shooting what look like floating goblins. Admittedly, I was going to leave this one off, but my young daughter loves it.

This is the description:

The world of pixels is in dark times, a purge is on the horizon. Defend the land of Pixela-RT from the onslaught of those who would see its demise in this modernized retro arcade shooter featuring fast-paced gameplay

Pixel Purge

Sky Bounce

Sky Bounce is a simple cartoonish game in which players attempt to help the boy on a pogo stick bounce up into the clouds without falling off the screen or hitting hit by the helicopter hovering below. Yes, I just wrote all of that. But it's a fun game.

99 Bricks

99 Bricks is a Tetris clone with an interesting twist. Players contol bricks as they fall from the sky, and just like Tetris, users can rotate the bricks so that they fit on top of one another. In this game, the goal is to construct a building, and the bricks do not remain stable. If you like Tetris, try this game.


Township is a game very similar to SimCity. Players have the opportunity to build a town from scratch by constructing houses, gathering crops, and running factories. Township is a social game, so players are encouraged to construct cinemas and cafes for the social crowds.