Facebook is not only a popular social media for connecting with your family, friends, and new acquaintances, but it is also a place where people around the world meet, trade, and decorate their houses in a small virtual world called YoVille.
My first impression of this game was "Wow! The furniture are so nice! OMG they are so expensive!!!"

That was several months ago. Of course, I wanted my YoVille apartment to look nice just like the ones at my friends' places, but how could I do that since there was not much money on baking (that was my first YoVille job, but now it has been changed to reporting to the factory every six hours).
I had to find a way to earn more in order to support this "shopping urge" I had. I tried trading with other people I met at different virtual events, but seriously the profit was very marginal, especially being on a tight budget.

So I thought of using other accounts. Not other people's accounts, but the ones I have made myself! It is fast and free anyway! I have never imagined to buy YoCash from Zynga or from other recognized dealers, and I wanted to enjoy the game without hurting my student wallet.
By using what I like to call back-up accounts, then I was able to utilize the start-up money that the game provides to its new players. This way I bought furniture that I have pre-planned and sent them to my original account. Is this cheating? You may call it that, but for me I think it is being smart and having fun without harming myself financially.

Let's all face it fellow YoVillans! YoVille is an addicting, fun, time-consuming game, but we should also be resourceful. Virtual living is expensive just like real-life living, and just like in real-life living we have to find ways to earn those extra bucks to buy what we deem to be "necessary".
By using this back-up account technique, I was able to save up for a Cape Cod Style Home and I furnished all the rooms, just the way I planned it. Eventually, I bought a trailer house, because I think it is cute. I recently turned it into a beach house. And by the way, my apartment is also fully furnished.

One of the best upsides of this technique, especially if you have several back-up accounts, is that when YoVille or Zynga (for that matter) decides to be a little bit generous to us, then every account has the chance of earning the same! Remember the double-up your coins last Christmas? Yeah, it was this 3-day chance in December and January to double-up the amount of our coin runs per visit. Speaking of visits, it is also a good way to have your own virtual neighbors whom you can visit, especially if you have very few friends in the real world who play YoVille.

Now, the downside is the workload to keep these back-up accounts lucrative. Because if you want them to get lots of YoCoins, then you have to play them as often as possible in order to earn the YoCoins you need to buy that next loveseat. In my case, I have two back-ups that I maintain quite well. Of course they look poor, because I am moving all the furniture they are buying to my master account.

Another way to avoid buying YoCash for real money is to answer surveys. I have also done this and got my YoCash without spending a dime. There were several occasions that I didn't receive my YoCash, and I had to send a complaint. It all worked out OK in the end, anyway. I am not sure though whether I have exhausted all the possible surveys or whether Zynga has stopped offering a chance to get free YoCash through surveys.

I like YoVille, but I don't like that Zynga is forcing its players to spend $$$ just to buy some virtual furniture which I can never sit on!
Be smart!
Oh, and by the way, there are many YoVille players who have back-up accounts; I have met them, traded with them, and I definitely support them.
YoVille, of course, is also available on MySpace.