Playa Blanca I

When it comes to straight relaxing and enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the Caribbean, Playa Blanca more than holds its own. Playa Blanca, the beach closest to the Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ), finds itself nestled in the eastern corner of Punta Cana Village in between Club Med and The newly-opened Westin. Like many other beaches in Punta Cana, the beach gets its name from the restaurant that is positioned next to it.

Water Activities

The Caribbean Sea that meets Playa Blanca is excellent for a variety of water activities. Because it features so many shallows, areas of the sea that are not deep at all and clearly identified by a beautiful turquoise hue,  the majority of beach-goers sit and relax in the water with a cold beverage in hand. It is really like sitting in a natural swimming pool! Besides the shallows, there are areas of deeper waters where one can swim. There is even a nice patch of coral about 50 yards from the beach that one can snorkel around, witnessing a variety of fish and sea life. Finally the beach can be breezy from time to time making it an ideal location for kite surfing. All in all the water activities are plentiful at Playa Blanca.

The Beach

Playa Blanca IIIAnother aspect of Playa Blanca that I really like is how comfortable the beach is. There are many lounge chairs available so it is almost guaranteed you will find one to use. Ample space exists so one doesn't feel cramped like what occurs at Bavaro Beach. Servers will come around and take orders but there never is any pressure to purchase anything. Restrooms are easily accessible and very clean. With an amazing sparkly view of the sea on a comfortable lounge chair, it is easy to drift off into peaceful slumber.

Beautiful People

I use this label kind of like a joke but what it implies is that the visitors to the beach are typically in the higher socio-economic strata. They are your successful professionals that live in the area. There are tourists of course but they similarly are on a higher economic rung than would likely be encountered in Bavaro. It could easily be a place to network and make new social and economic contacts.

The Restaurant

As I mentioned previously, the beach like many other beaches in the area, gets its name from the restaurant that inhabits the spot. Playa Blanca Restaurant is a lovely place to have lunch or Sunday brunch with its open exposure to gentle tropical breezes and million-dollar views of the sea. The ambiance is casually sophisticated. The service is excellent and the food is good, of the more upscale variety. There's a little something for everyone at the Playa Blanca restaurant.

Playa Blanca IIPlaya Blanca is my go to place when I want an"ideal" Caribbean beach experience. It is such a great place to unwind and get reinvigorated. The gorgeous views, comfortable beach chairs, and enjoyable water activities make it a "sure thing" diversion. The tranquility the beach exhumes cannot be matched in my estimation by any other beach in the area, including Juanillo