Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach), Cabo San Lucas

Playa del Amor is said to be the most beautiful beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Playa Del Amor, otherwise known as Lover's Beach in English, is located very close to El Arco on the Sea of Cortez side of Land's End. Lover's Beach is a small 150 foot very private secluded beach with only moderate waves. Playa Del Amour also sometimes goes by the name Playa Del Amante. If you are spending a day or more in Cabo San Lucas, venturing to this beach is an absolute must.


Unfortunately you can not get to Playa del Amour by foot and will need to find some sort of water transportation to get there. You can hire a water taxi at the marina, and can usually barter a deal where they will drop you off then come back and get you at a later time for one price.

Playa del Amor Beach Pictures

Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor Sunset

Playa del Amante blue water

Playa del Amor El Arco

Full Playa del Armor Shot

Distant View of Lovers Beach

`Lovers Beach