Cambridge Playhouse


I loved the look of this house. The blue roof really sets it off.

It was very easy to assemble. The plastic walls linked together nicely. The screws were not hard to put in. It took us 45 minutes total to put it together.

There are a lot of nice features inside, including a stick on mirror, burners with turning knobs , a sink with swivel faucet and a seat with a cell phone.


After it rained hard the sticker off the awning of the house did come off. I was able to put it back on.

Full Review

Cambridge Playhouse

When shopping for a playhouse for my son I came across the Cambridge Cottage Playhouse. I liked this one because it had a high ceiling and doorway. I thought this would be the one my little man would grow with. And I was right. He is five years old and has nearly a foot left from his head to the ceiling. I can even fit inside ( sitting)

This house is cute and has a lot of nice features. I wasn't ware how much interior decortion ther was on the inside. First there is a molded fireplace ( you can see it right when you walk in the door) next to it is a kitchen area with a swivel facet. There are play burners on a stove top with knobs. By hte window there is even a little seat the folds down. A play cordless phone came with this Playhouse. It hangs neatly by the window. There is no floor so the playhouse will not hurt your grass if you place it outside.

I loved it was easy to put together. How about I was the one reading the directions telling my husband how to put it together. it took us maybe 45 minutes. All the pieces were there and they snapped together great.

In Closing

Overall I am pleased with this product. I hope that my son will get years of enjoyment out of it.