Nothing puts a damper on a day of paintball like rain. Rain usually means slippery turf, big mud puddles, broken paintball markers, and wet socks. But it doesn't have to be this way! Follow these tips and you can have a happy day of play in the rain.

Keep Your Gun Dry

A wet gun is a broken gun. If rainwater gets through the grips and into the electronics of your marker, the board can fry and your marker won't work. If water gets into your barrel, it will affect the tragectory of the paint.

The best solution to keeping your marker safe is by using electrical tape. Wrap it around your grips and over top of the porting in your barrel. Cover up any other creases in your marker where water could get in to the breach, bolt, or electronics.


Keep Your Loader Dry

If water gets inside of your hopper, it will soak into the paint and cause it to swell - ultimatley causing the paint to either chop in your gun, or have horrid accuracy.

To keep your loader dry, make sure to replace your speedfeed with a lid. If you don't have a lid, keep a bag overtop of your lid until your actually playing.


Avoid Fogging Up

Moisture can get behind your lens and cause it to fog up. Not being able to see not only sucks, but it is unsafe.

To avoid fog, keep your mask covered up whenever your not playing. Wether it is in your mask bag, or on your head with a towel over top, as long as it is kept dry. To avoid rain from getting inside while your playing, use a visor or somehow cover up the vents of the mask.


Keep YOU Dry

Dress for the weather! Wear a rain jacket, or a rain poncho. If you have to wear a jersey during play, wear the rain jacket inbetween games.

Wear cleats! You don't want to trip and fall in the mud.

Stay warm! If it is very cold out, take breaks to go inside, or warm up in your car.




Follow these steps, and don't let a bit of rain stop you from having a great time!