Most game releases nowadays for all types of platforms/consoles like PS3, PC, Xbox360, etc., you name it-- give you a quite similar experience as though you're watching a perfectly entertaining movie or reading a novel with non-linear plot and get your mind exhausted by cause of being mentally stimulated after finishing it. As for someone who's fond of playing videogames that fall within a particular category that actually have these vital elements; firm storyline, interesting list of characters, possible twists that are worth anticipating. This can be somewhat helpful.

There can be lots of tendencies why anyone could possibly lose the said essence in gaming. For instance, unlocking hidden features inside the game and character level up can be quite tedious where it turns out you’re more likely doing a chore instead of having fun playing it. Well despite the sense of finally getting a hold of such “self-fulfilling” achievement that you yearn to acquire after all your efforts, there’s a slight possibility that you might get disappointed when you actually have it. Not to mention that it took you a fairly great amount of hours doing the entire process. Well some would say that it’s a part of gaming but most of the time we get tired of grinding and usually end up not finishing the game. So in a way, we’ve just spoiled the entirety of its fun and entertainment factor. You paid for it (Materially, in physical world. Not inside the game) hoping that it would give you the right fun and entertainment you deserve.

Now here’s the deal. Just play along with only one goal, “play the game wherever it may lead you” and things will just fall into place. Don’t think about possible hidden items, quests, characters, etc. for a moment. Getting yourself a couple runarounds will have you stalled from the game progress. Think about finding your way through the game, getting the concept of its story digested that is. Well if you’re only up to the idea of pure action and hand-to-eye coordination without minding its storyline, well, you’ll get to press a bounch of buttons during the process anyway. So now, there you have it. 

Now for the unlockable hidden bonus features of the game, you can just watch it on YouTube or from some other sites that provide video streaming. There are lots of Videogame zealots out there that love to record and post their gameplays for other gamers to see that they’ve managed to unlock certain features inside the game. You see, it’s a lot like they’re doing the whole grinding process for you. You must take advantage of it, that’s why they uploaded it for a reason.