War Hammer is an MMORPG that has so recently caught the fascination of so many players all over the world. It translates the mythos-rich Warhammer Fantasy universe from tabletop to your computer. However, playing this game is a lot different from playing the wargame.

First of all, the game requires you to take control of a single character, not an entire army. You can choose between two different factions, each faction divided into three different races.

Should you side with the Order, you will be given the opportunity to fight as a human, an elf or a dwarf. If you choose the side of destruction, you can join the forces of chaos, the greenskins or the dark elves.

War hammer is a world where magic and technology collide. You'll have the opportunity to wield highly-destructive firearms developed by dwarves, sword and bow, or even use the force of magic to destroy your enemies. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses and knowing these can be crucial to victory.

Character customization is also extensive, enabling you to take on any role you wish in battle. There are several main archetypes in the game, however:

1) Melee tanker – this character build enables a player to absorb damage and control crowds. It has high health points and is able to wear the heaviest armors. This character build deals medium damage and is great for distracting enemies and dealing first blood.

2) Melee DPS – This character build deals out great damage quickly at close combat and is great for dealing with individual foes as fast as possible. However, it only has medium defense and can be taken out by crowds.

3) Healer – as the name suggests, this character is great for supporting troops and healing them. Healers can also have a variety of buffs that add to a comrade's damage or defense. Healers are able to fight and deal medium damage, but they must be protected in order for them to protect their allies.

4) Ranged DPS – this character is able to take out a single enemy from a great distance quickly.

These are just some of your options when playing War Hammer online. Just remember to have fun and enjoy your adventure!