When I was a kid, I was a video game addict. I remember going to the corner liquor store or local arcade and spending countless hours there entertained by all of the wonderful video games. During these times of course there was no NES game systems to have in your house but the Atari 2600 video game system was becoming kind of popular if you could afford to have one at your home, I was not so fortunate.

Some of the video games I recall spending hours on were games like Pac-Man, Centipede, Dig Dug, Spy Hunter, Punch Out, 1942, Asteroids, Bank Panic, Burgertime, Contra, Defender, Donkey kong, Elevator Action, Frogger, Galaxian, Galaga, Phoenix, Space Invaders, Joust, Track and Field, Kung Fu Master, Robotron 2084, Qbert, and of course Mario Brothers. The Mario Brothers I'm talking about here is the real Mario Brothers game before they went super, in this game two players could play at the same time, one as Mario and the other as Luigi.

So many memories with all of these games! Playing all of these retro video games for me during my childhood years of the 1980's had to be some of the best times of my life. Me and my friends would hang out at the arcade or liquor store for hours after school. We would slap our quarter on top of the video game as a way to proclaim that we got next. Sometimes you had a local who would screw up the video games for everyone though by getting a magnet and putting in on the screen and moving it around. This would give the screen a rainbow full of colors, which meant of course that you were not able to play the video game. Then you had the local crowd who would get a quarter and have a hole drilled in it and then put a string through the hole. By doing this, you were able to slide the quarter in and out of the video game and get lots of video game credits. Oh the memories are all so nice!

By the time the late 1990's had rolled around, I was no longer playing any video games and moved on to other things of interest in my life. I no longer played video games at all. During my 20's I would see people play games sometimes and the little times I would pay attention, I noticed that video games had really come a long way. These video games graphics had began to look like movies, so realistic. I must admit I did try to play these a few times but did not gain any interest in them at all. Life goes on! Have my woman, have kids, have in-laws, have a job, just the regular things in life we all do.

In the late 2000's I began to learn about emulators and stuff. I learn that you can still play all of these old school retro video games just like you used to when you were a kid. I think to myself that they could never be the same but I am wrong. They are exact duplicates of the old school retro video games from the past. I enjoyed these emulators but would really rather play these old school retro video games on my television instead of my computer screen.

Another disovery is made by me, I discover something called thePower Player. The Power Player is a plug and play vido game system that you can just plug into your television and play all of the old school retro video games that you want. It has many of the games that you would want like Dig Dug, Punch Out, and many of the vido games mentioned earlier. The games are exactly the same as you remember them! The Power Player box will sometimes say that there are thousands of games that come with the system but that is not true. You will actually get 100 or so retro games that come on the system, which is great of course.

I bought a Power Player from a comany that was selling them online for around $15. Sadly, I had lots of problems with the system and should have went with my gut instict of you get what you pay for. The company gave me hassles when I contacted them and I regreted ever doing business with them. Now I know why they offered the Power Players for $15, when other places online sold them for $25 to $40. I then bought another Power Player from another online company, actually it was an e-commerce site seller. I paid around $20 for it + the shipping which came out to around $30, and have had no problems at all with it. I now get to enjoy playing all of my old school retro video game classics such as Defender, 1942, Mike Tysons Punch Out, Kung Fu Master, Mario Brothers, Super Mario Brothers, and all of the rest of the classic video games.

I am really grateful that they invented the Power Player. I can actually sit down in my living room and play all of these classic video games with my kids and show them the games that I used to play when i was a kid. The great thing is that my kids like these video games and really get into them themselves. I am real careful with them though because I know how addicting these retro video games can become and would not want them to neglect some of the other important things in life. I will end this article by saying that old school retro video games will live on forever!