The Playmobil Noah's Ark play set (3255) is a BIG play set which lets your child create an endless number of make-believe stories. 

  • The boat itself is huge (insert sizes) and has different levels and compartments. This helps your child more ways to imagine and play with the set. 
  • There are lots of animals which move and look realistic. (They don't look cartoon-like or fake like other pretend play sets). The big choice of animals makes the play set really cute for your child. They will love playing out stories with the different animals. 
  • The set comes with lots of accessory pieces too like food, brooms and buckets so your child have the Playmobil people feeding the animals and caring for them.  This all helps encourage your child's creativity. 
  • You can also add other Playmobil sets to this one to create even more ideas for pretending.

But be warned there ARE a lot of small pieces so this is a toy for children 3 years and up

Playmobil 3255 Noah's Ark

It's Made to Float on Water!

I really love how ths Playmobil Noah's Ark floats on water. It adds a whole new level of pretend play for your child. It's great for the pool or bathtub (supervised by an adult of course) and if your child hates bath time they will love playing with this in the water. But the boat will sink if it's overload with all the animals and accessories. Although your child might find it really fascinating to find out how many animals fit on the boat before it starts to sink. 

Playmobil 3255 Noah's Ark


Is it Worth the Money? 

The Playmobil Noah's Ark is expensive for a toy made of plastic. But Playmobil toys have excellent quality. The ark :

  • Is sturdy.
  • Is easy to assemble.
  • Is made for little hands to play with.
  • Has fine detail to encourage pretend play.
  • Has lots of pieces for brilliant pretend play time 

It's a toy that will keep a child imagining happily for hours and hours because kids don't get bored with toys that let them create so many stories to act out. So it makes a good Christmas or birthday present.  

Playmobil 3255 Noah's Ark

Is it a religious Toy? 

The Playmobil Noah's Ark is based on one of the most famous biblical stories of all time.  It's also a biblical story that kids love because of all the animals. So this toy is a fun way to encourage your child to love bible stories. 

But it's also just a wonderfully imaginative toy for your child to play with regardless of your family's religious background. 

A Closer Look at the Playmobil Noah's Ark