These Playskool Fold N Go Playsets make the best gifts for kids. It's been named as one of the possible hot Christmas toys for 2010 as you can see why. The Fold N Go concept really works - you . Young kids everywhere will go crazy for the Playskool Chuck Fold-n-Go Construction Quarry Playset.

What's so great about Fold N Go Playsets?

The Fold N Go playsets are designed for easy portability and flexible fun. You open them up, play and then, when it's tidy-up time, you simply Fold and Go! The Playskool Fold N Go Construction Quarry Playset

What does it contain?

The Playskool Fold N Go Construction Playset contains a rotating crane which allows little excavators to lift and haul the dump truck. You can lower and raise a ramp so you can drive up and over it. The dump truck called "Chuck" is part of a series called "Chuck and Friends" so you can use the truck for other Fold N Go and similar games too.

Any young child, girl or boy, who gets satisfaction from lifting up the excavator and seeing a dump truck move around, up and down, is going to find this toy hours of fun. And they will love the fact that you can simply fold up the whole set and take it around as the top of the excavator crane actually forms the handle of the playset! How cool is that! If only adults gadgets were as well thought out. Construction toys like these will help give you child an enormous sense of satisfaction when they have moved the dump truck around and teaches them to use their imagination. They are reasonably priced too - at around $15, so it's not a bad set to start collecting.

Why parents will like this

Parents will like this because it's a good price, it's high quality - made by the famous Playskool company with a famous Tonka-branded dump truck too! It encourages role play in kids and also encourages them to tidy up afterwards as they will love the way it folds up nicely with the built-in handle. It's easy to clean, and every thing packs away neatly inside and it's very portable - as the name suggests. It's useful as you can move it from room to room and even take it to a friend's house for a play date.

Who is it good for:

Young children, from 18 months upwards. Please note that if you buy this from Amazon, they recommend it to kids from 3 and up as the small parts make be a choking hazard.

Playskool Chuck Fold n Go construction quarry playsetPlayskool Chuck Fold n Go construction quarry playset box

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