The Play Station 3 really does do everything. If you are a gamer of any level you were probably just as skeptical as us all when Play Station released that they would be coming out with a Play Station 3. Sony claimed the PS3 would deliver beyond expectations and would simply "do everything". Even the commercials leading up to its release were pretty convincing, but did the PS3 really come through?

The answer is simply, yes. The PS3 more than delivered on its promises and brought along for of the coolest features with it. There is built in wireless internet with the console so you can play multiplayer games online and download games instantly without any cords. It also comes standard with either 125 or 250 gigs of storage which can hold hundreds of games and movies right at your finger tips. Even if that isn't enough storage for you, or you simply don't want to clutter your PS3, you can plug in an external hard drive to use as well. The PS3 also came with a built in Blu-ray player that will play all of your movies in 1080p HD which is exactly how movies were supposed to be watched. Crisp and clean videos and movies is what the PS3 delivers each time. The console also has a pretty cool online community to hook into. You can talk and meet gamers from all over the world and exchange games, information, and game tactics.

You can even get a membership (paid) that will allow you download hundreds of TV shows and movies right onto your PS3. This console was the first to give you instant access to the Play Station Store which is chalked full of goodies for your PS3. The new design of the PS3 is an upgrade as well. Even though the PS2 was slim the overall design of it did not pop out at you like the PS3 does. It has a sleeker and modern look and all the buttons are placed for easy use. Before your Play Station was simply for gaming, but Sony has revolutionized how we play games, and watch movies and games. It is an amazing console that I would recommend to anyone for purchasing. When you get bored of the game collection you already have, you can simply hop online and buy a new game from the Play Station Store. The PS3 really does do everything.