very effective

picks up from many surfaces

just slide back and forth

easy to use

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair, 1 sweeper
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(price as of Mar 27, 2016)


none!  absolutely love this product

Full Review

Picture this, you have a cat, or multiple cats that love your couch (fabric couch of course!) and you try to vacuum up the hair before you Aunt Bertha comes to visit, and they just straighten on the couch. Sound familiar? Then you have to try this sweeper by Pledge for cat hair.

I have two cats, and two dogs, now my dogs are pretty good about staying off the couch, but their fur still floats around. My cats of course, just curl up on the couch and leave their fur behind. So I went looking for this remover as I had seen it on TV. It turns out to be a great product. This product is a lightweight plastic container with two velvety wheels that grab the hair when you rub this product back and forth. You can get it in hardware stores and some grocery stores.

You can see the container fill up with all the hair.  This was worth every penny. Before when I would try to vacuum, the hairs would just go straight, but still be on the couch, even using a fabric brush that you would normally use for your coat, won't work. It is like they are glued on the couch with some kind of static or something.

Anyways, when I brought home this sweeper, I laughed at it, because it was small, and didn't look like it could do much, but right away the clear top started filling with cat hair! I was impressed. Still am. I use it every time someone comes to visit, and I don't want them to leave with half a cat on their clothes! One cat is the same color as my couch which makes it hard to see where the fur is, until you get up and check your new pants!

 The idea is so simple and yet it is so effective. I am still using the same one, even though it is pretty full of fur, it is still working. But for now it is doing what it is suppose to do.

I give Pledge a thumbs up for this idea, it is such a frustrating problem dealing with pet fur, especially cat hair on the furniture.

You can use this Sweeper on other surfaces, such as pillows, couches, chairs, low pile carpet and more. You sweep it side to side and watch it pick up the fur, very quickly. You can be done the couch in minutes flat!

In Closing

I love this product, it is definitely worth the purchase and picks up fur like a magnet. So for anyone with pets in the house especially the ones that love the furniture, then you need this product in your cleaning cabinet.

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair, 1 sweeper
Amazon Price: $54.99 Buy Now
(price as of Mar 27, 2016)