When you are planning a great vacation to someplace warm you are looking for your destination to have a couple things: sun and beaches. Well if these are your perfect vacation ingredients than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico has you covered.

Cabo San Lucas is located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, right where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. This prime location offers up some great sun and beaches which makes Cabo your perfect vacation destination. The views alone are worth planning the trip but if its sun and beaches you truly want then Cabo will not disappoint.

Vacation Spot In Cabo

As far as weather goes in Cabo San Lucas they have a ton of sun. In fact on average they have 350 days of sun. The temperatures here are very warm with an average of 95 degrees in the summer and 85 degrees in the winter.  So if it is sun and warm weather you are looking for then Cabo is definitely going to satisfy these things.

What better way to enjoy this sun then to take advantage of the many beaches that Cabo has to offer.  No matter what you want the beach for (swimming, surfing, snorkeling, relaxing); Cabo definitely has a beach or two for you which is why you should choose it for your next Mexican vacation.


A Los Cabos Vacation

If you are looking for a great beach for swimming then check out Cabo’s main beach Playa Medano. Medano beach is located right in the middle of the action as it starts on the east end of the harbor and extends all the way up the Cabo San Lucas Bay. This beach has some of the safest swimming beach in Cabo so it is a great place to go and soak up the sun and then jump in the water to cool off.

Beaches in Mexico

If you are interested in a surfer-friendly beach then there are a couple you must check out. First you will need to check out Playa Acapulquito (Old Man’s Beach). There is a surf school here so if you need to take some lessons this is the perfect beach to do so. This is a great place to surf for both beginners and advanced surfers. If you are somewhat of an expert surfer than check out the west side of the beach which is home to famous Zippers surf break. There are many surf competitions held here each year so make sure you are a skilled surfer if you want to attempt the Zipper. Another great surfing beach is Play Costa Azul (Blue Coast Beach) which is located in San Jose del Cabo. This beach offers up some breathtaking views and some stellar waves. There are many places available to rent surfboards and lessons are also available here. This is a great place to catch some sun and some waves.


Beautiful Cabo San Lucas

If a beach that has great snorkeling is what you want then you are in luck as Cabo has those too.  Be sure you check out Playa Santa Maria. This horseshoe shaped beach is part of a marine sanctuary which allows for some amazing opportunities for snorkeling.  You are allowed to bring bread to hand feed the fish which will only enhance your snorkeling adventure. One of the coolest parts about this beach is that it has pink colored sand that is super comfortable to walk in. Another great snorkeling beach is the Chilean Bay Beach which is also a marine sanctuary. This sanctuary has several reefs that run parallel to the beach and is home to sea turtles as well as 80 other species of wildlife. These reefs make for some of the best snorkeling that Cabo has to offer.

Whale Watching in Cabo

If you simply want to lie down and relax on the beach Cabo can make sure that happens. All of the beaches are great for some relaxation in the sun but if you want to have a truly awesome time be sure to check out Playa del Amor also known as Lover’s Beach. To get to this beach you need to have a water taxi take you there but it is definitely worth it. This beach is truly amazing and beautiful; in fact it has been used in many famous photo shoots. This beach is great for putting a towel down and soaking up the sun. It gives you great views of the ocean as well as views of the sea lions who warm themselves on the rocks near here. It is truly breathtaking and should definitely be a place you check out in Cabo.

Cabo is the perfect place for a vacation as it has tons of sun and tons of beaches. No matter what you want the beach for, whether it be swimming, surfing, snorkeling, or relaxing, you will definitely be able to find a beach or two that is perfect for you.  If beaches and warm weather are truly what you want in a vacation you won’t be disappointed when you choose to come to Cabo.