The Improved Features of a Plesk Update: Automation Wizard

A Plesk update now includes an automation wizard that gives you complete control over managing your upgrades. The systematic approach to upgrades gives administrators the ability to get all of the Plesk software updates instantly and without the hassle of manual installation on the control panel. Other updating programs require you to search for product keys or licenses, but with Plesk, the licenses and keys are carried forward making the Plesk update process much more efficient.


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Automated updates allow for a lot more time to spend on other various tasks related to the business, freeing up necessary resources and manpower for more productive pursuits. Among the automatic system upgrades, there are a myriad of other features that have been enhanced for a better web hosting experience and a feature-rich, systematic web development process.  Plesk automates a number of things to make the web development and account creation process simple and manageable from the control panel. Some of the features that you can automate on the Plesk control panel are billing and invoices, account creation, updates and upgrades to the server, antivirus protection, and health monitoring.


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All of the features offered by the Plesk control panel are essential to a successful web hosting enterprise. Automating many of a business’s daily tasks will leave more time for marketing and advertising, promotional campaigns, and traffic generation than ever before as well as make the management systems more efficient by providing a turn-key solution to many server and support problems. The upgrade enhancements now found on the Plesk server include automatically configuring and updating system components, rectifying and correcting any issues while upgrading, and the capability to instantly issue licenses to new IP addresses via a Key Administrator License.


The Plesk automation wizard is an excellent way to ensure that all updates flow faultlessly onto the server. You can manage the updates and check them at any time. You can also configure the system to apply updates automatically and to check for system updates sporadically. In addition to automatic upgrades, the Plesk system interface has been revamped to include new licensing procedures and overall system improvement.

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Licensing procedures can be instantly applied to any server or IP address giving the administrator unlimited control over adding new accounts and creating new servers and domains. After the licensing has occurred, the Plesk control panel upgrades will be automatically applied to all accounts so that the updates on the server will remain uniform throughout. The Plesk Update feature is an invaluable attribute to the software program that gives the most advanced and up-to-date information available to maximize productivity and offer a more effective product to all end-users.