Plumeria Floating Candle

Benefits Of Plumeria Floating Candles:

If you are interested in creating one of the most beautiful floating candle centerpieces, plumeria floating candles are a delightful way to create a whimsical Hawaiian themed centerpiece for your dinner or event.  In the pacific islands, plumerias are used to make leis, which have been given as a welcome gift in the pacific islands as a symbol of affection for centuries.  Bring that same feeling of hospitality and affection to the table by creating a shimmering plumeria floating candle centerpiece.  Just like the flower, plumeria floating candles are available in a variety of pinks, reds, whites, yellows, and whites to give a vibrant airy feeling of decor to any room.  They are a great spring and summer time centerpiece, but can add beauty and warmth year round.  In addition, many plumeria floating candles are tropically scented for a decoration that overwhelms the senses.  

Uses For Floating Candles:

The most popular use of plumeria floating candles is to create centerpieces for dinners, events, and weddings.  They are especially popular for Hawaiian destination weddings, as well as Hawaiian themed events.  Even non-themed decor will appreciate the beauty the color pallet of plumeria floating candles offer to any floating candle centerpiece.  Floating candles are not limited to centerpieces however, and they can be used anywhere throughout the house that a regular candle are used to add a touch of class and luxury.  In the bathroom, guest will enjoy the wonderful tropical scents of plumeria floating candles, as well as their astounding beauty.  

If you are having an outdoor event, large floating candles are used regularly in swimming pools to completely transform the space from an unused body of water, to a gorgeous focal point for the entire party.  They are conversation starters, as well as attention grabbers.  If you don’t have a pool, plumeria floating candles can even be used in small ponds or fountains to achieve the same effect.  

The Benefits Of Floating Candle Bowls:

Making a decoration with plumeria floating candles inside a floating candle bowl has a number of benefits over a traditional candle.  The human eye pays attention to detail and subtle movement, so naturally when you mix fire and water together, you create a balance of the subtle movement of the water along with the flicker of the candle shimmering that cannot be described.  As the fire reflects off of the glass and into the water, the depth of the shimmer is mesmerizing to your guests and will be the topic of conversation throughout the night.  

Another benefit of plumeria floating candles is the fact that many of them can be placed in one floating candle bowl.  Because they are free to float around the water, you create a dynamic centerpiece that is never the same twice.  As opposed to traditional candle decorations, floating candles are in constant motion.  

Types of Plumeria Floating Candles:

There are a number of different types of plumeria floating candles.  The differences are largely dependant on color and size.  Some candles highlight the purity of white and yellow colors, while others embrace the warmth and affection of light pinks along with deep reds.  Choosing the right color is dependant on the theme you are trying to achieve.