A plus size bathing suit, can make you feel good about yourself at the beach, if it fits right. A bad fitting one, will have you stuck to your lawn chair, covered in the towel, and watching everyone else have fun, and you on the sidelines right?.

If you tend to just cover up and sit on the sidelines at pool parties or at the beach because you don't feel comfortable in your bathing suit, then you need to get a proper sized bathing suit that fits your curves in all the right places, and will make you feel good. You are probably saying "yeah right, but where?"

Since more than 65% of North American women are size 14 and up, it only makes sense that designers would put more effort into designing better fitting, sexy and chic bathing suits and swimwear. This year you can see they have spent time on this, there are so many to choose from! Good fitting bathing suits from size 14 and up into the 20's


Great Styles Online

When purchasing a bathing suit. Identify the areas that bother you the most, and look through the styles to find ones that glide over those areas or gently cover them. Do not pick something too tight.

With the ultra modern and light stretchy fabrics that are being used for today's swimwear, there are loads of designs and choices out there now. You are no longer picking between baggy black and baggy blue that dig in at the legs or cling to your stomach! Obviously was not much time spent on designing those right?

There is the new "swim short" which is great at hiding any hip areas that bother you, and the tops are more like tunics. These go in and out of the water well, and are made of fabrics that resist chlorine and salt. You can wear these in or out of the water, great for walking on the beach, and with a light cover up, you could even go shopping, as they look more like an outfit than a bathing suit.

If the top is more your problem area, you can get styles with a t-shirt look. If the middle is your problem area, then these high waist tunic style in the plus size bathing suit are quite common, and they come in all kinds of neat colors.

So, if you are shopping for a larger sized bathing suit, bring your wallet, and your credit card, because you may be surprised how hard it will be to pick! If you thought you would be picking from one rack of swimwear, then you are mistaken. Hit the mall, or that plus size store, and check out the new lineup this year of all sized bathing suits.

Many will have a picture attached to the suit, as swimwear doesn't look like much hanging on the hanger. Don't just walk right by them for fear they are small. With the newer fabrics they are using to design swimwear, you have to try it on to know. The picture will at least give you an idea if this is your style.

You can see by the swimwear I have pictured here as an example, that styles have changed. There are younger and hip looking suits. Designers have done well for the plus size market. Bathing suits have come a long way. So, don't be afraid to go swimming this year.

Identify the areas that bother you the most, and choose from the huge assortment of styles, for a style that will glide over your problem area or minimize it. If it tugs then it is too small. Make sure you can bend and stretch in your bathing suit. If you can't do that in the fitting room, then you need to get a size or style that you can. You need to feel really comfortable in your swimwear, or you will associate swimming and the beach with having a bad time.

Don't Forget Sunscreen for Your Fun in the Sun

Don't forget the sunscreen, and get yourself a cover up to cover your shoulders when you get out of the pool to help protect against sunburn, as the sunscreen will tend to come off when swimming.

So, don't be a wall flower and be covered up in that huge shapeless t-shirt, and watch everyone else having fun swimming, and walking the beach. Get a bathing suit that fits you well, and get out there and have fun. You should not be even aware of any tugging, you should just put it on and forget about it.

So, get out of the shopping habit you have of just wearing that same black one piece from ten years ago, and go and get some of these new designer sexy, chic and stylish  bathing suits. There are so many styles now, you may have a hard time even finding your old standby black one piece! Take a friend and let them help you decide.

Many good plus size clothing stores, will have trained personnel that are familiar with the different brands and fabrics of swimwear. So don't hesitate to get help from them. They can be searching the racks for you, while you are in the changing room. This saves a lot of time and frustration, and makes the whole shopping for a good fitting bathing suit actually enjoyable. There are so many styles you can try on now, you will need to allow lots of time.

Whether you go for a one piece high cut leg, or a shorts and tunic designed for swimming, you should be able to find something with the new lineups out there. Get yourself a few styles of  bathing suits, you will want to spend lots of time in them, once you find ones that fit and look good. Some come with matching cover-ups.

Designers have gone wild this year! The colors are wonderful, and the cover-ups are not those baggy t-shirts, they fit just as well, and hug the right curves.