If you are planning a summer or beach wedding then you will want to find the perfect plus size beach wedding dress that can be worn with heels or simply go bare foot.  You may also be watching your budget and maybe you have been frustrated with the price of dresses and gowns on the market and in the bridal stores.

But you can shop and find a beach wedding dress for under 200 dollars online.  The beauty about the beach theme is that you can have a simple lightweight dress and there are some beautiful styles that can be dressed up with heels (if you have a boardwalk or gazebo style wedding, don’t want heels in the sand) or you can go very casual with a basic white sundress where you can where simple sandals or bare foot.

If you are a plus size girl (size 14 and up) you will want to find one that accents all the right curves to make you a stunning bride.

Nothing works better than the empire waist style which is where the fabric is slightly cinched in just below the bust which then allows the rest of the fabric to lightly flow over the belly and hips giving you a nice shape.

You could also make it a halter style neck; this way there are no sleeves to have to worry about fitting.  You could use some self-tanning lotion to give your skin a bit of a glow and even out any skin tones for that beach theme.

Sunvary One Shoulder Chiffon Formal Party Dresses for Bridesmaid 2015 - US Size 22W- Black
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(price as of May 3, 2016)
This is a beautiful summer dress that has some added glamour without the weight of extra fabric. It is beautiful.

Halter Neckline Beach Wedding Dress in Plus Size

This particular dress has a bit more dazzle and would work great for a beach or garden wedding that is still a bit formal.  It also has a built in bra so no need to add more layers to your outfit! With the high waist and back zipper this dress still comes in under the 200 dollar mark and yet is very glamorous.

Plus Size Sexy Backless Wedding Dress for the Beach

This style is also a halter style dress with a built in bra but shows off a lot more of your back! If you are comfortable showing off that much skin then this would be great for a summer celebration.

It comes in sizes up to 26 and also has the high waist style that is very slimming.  You can use a self-tanning lotion to get rid of any tan lines you may have to smooth out your skin tone and give your skin a glow.  This beautiful dress would work well for a formal style or casual style wedding on the beach or garden.


eVogues Plus Size White Cotton Empire Waist SunDress - 2X
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(price as of May 3, 2016)
This would be perfect for a very casual bare foot wedding in the sand on the beach!

Very Casual Beach Wedding Sun Dress

If you want a very casual, simple and yet elegant beach wedding, then you could go for a simple summer dress and add some bling.

This would be perfect for a wedding where you tell your guests to dress casual too!  You can get these for under 100 dollars and wear it with simple sandals or even bare foot. This one is short and fun looking and would be very comfortable especially in the heat.  You don’t have to break the bank to look good on your special day, just go with your theme.  You can dress it down or dress it up and still follow a budget.  Also check out short sexy wedding dresses if you prefer something a bit more casual.

You can add flowers in your hair and with a bouquet this would make a beautiful beach dress.

Sealed With A Kiss Designs Plus Size Eternity Maxi Convertible Dress in White - Size 2X, White
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(price as of May 3, 2016)
This dress can be converted to a shorter one. It comes with panels that can be added and is a very soft and flowing dress that is perfect for that summer beach wedding.

Long White Maxi Summer Dress

If you want simple and casual but still want the length for your special beach day, then you could also consider a white maxi dress.  This one is sleeveless with the higher empire waist styling that accents your shape and your bust and makes you look and feel good.  It is easy to move in and you can dress it up with bling or keep it simple.  Either way will look beautiful.

This has a full flowing skirt that can be taken off to make it shorter and has a beautiful elegant look for under 100 dollars.

Watch Your Budget

You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands on a dress.  If you are looking for a particular theme such as a beach wedding dress, then you want something lighter and showing off more skin but not breaking the bank.  So, check online and you will be amazed at what you can find for under 200 dollars for your special day at the beach!

I attended a wedding that was a very casual theme.  Everyone was asked to wear casual summer wear and the bride wore a simple white sundress with cute sandals and flowers in her hair.  It was just as beautiful as many formal weddings I have attended.  All the guests were very happy and didn't have to dress in heavy dress clothes with the summer heat, it was a fun party!  It was also a great way to keep their budget down so there was more money for the honeymoon!