Many large women don’t like going shopping for clothes because they are afraid that they will not be able to find anything that fits them. However, there are a ton of plus size belts for women that can be purchased for about the same price as any average belt!

These larger than average belts are made to suit women with bigger waists and are designed to detract the attention away from the waist line!

The coolest thing about these plus size belts is that women don’t have to shop at a plus size store to find them! Many of them can be found in the belt section of nearly any just have to look for them!

I am not here to sell you any belts. I’m simply trying to open your eyes to some of the benefits of owning a belt that is longer than average. Don’t deny yourself of a belt because you have a large waist...take these facts into account before you say no...

Many Plus Size Belts Are Elastic So That They Can Fit All Women

I have encountered hundreds of women’s plus size belts and have noticed that the majority of them are elastic! These belts still have a buckle in the front with a single hole; however, they are made from elastic so that they can easily stretch to the waists of all plus size women!

The last thing that women want is a belt that squishes all of their skin upwards; the elasticity of these belts prevent that from happening! Purchasing a regular leather belt will force you to choose a hole that is too tight or too loose for your waist; however, an elastic plus size belt will completely conform to your waist size, regardless of whether it’s 36 or 46 inches!

The Majority Of Women’s Plus Size Belts Will Fit People With Waists As Large As 46 Inches

Women with large waists may be thinking that there aren’t any belts that were made for their waist sizes; however, plus size belts are made to fit waists as large as 46 inches! When it comes to plus size belts for women, the closest hole will suit a waist that is about 36 inches and the furthest hole will suit a waist that is as large as 46 inches!

As I said earlier, women shouldn’t deny themselves of a belt just because they THINK that their waist is too big to fit into a leather one!

There are even plus size belts that fit women with waists that are larger than 46 inches! Amazon has a ton of these +46 inch women’s belts!

Don’t Wear A Skinny Plus Size Belt...It Will Draw Attention To Your Waist

Women with certain body styles can effectively wear skinny belts. These types of belts are meant for women with long and slender body types. This is simply because they attract a lot of attention to the woman’s waist!

With that being said, I tell all plus size women to avoid wearing a skinny belt because all of the attention will be drawn to the area that they don’t want it to be drawn to...their waist!

There are a variety of plus size skinny belts that women can buy; however, I would really avoid them if you want to keep people’s eyes away from your waist!

Try To Find An Extra Wide Women’s Belt ...It Will Draw The Attention Away From Your Waist

On the other hand, an extra wide belt will take draw the attention away from your waist. Most plus sized women will want the attention to be drawn to their bust or ankles, so they should be wearing clothing that accents these areas. Wearing a skinny plus size belt is like wearing a skin tight blouse that accentuates your negative areas.

Instead, you should choose a women’s belt that is between 1.3 and 1.5 inches wide! Not only will it direct the attention away from your problematic areas, but it will also cover a great amount of your waist.

As a personal tip, try to avoid buying belts with buckles. The buckle on a belt attracts attention to the center of your waist, and that is not what you want. If you’re going to choose a belt with a buckle, be sure that it is small and blends in with the belt itself!

There are literally tons of plus size belts that women can buy; however, not all of them are good purchases. A skinny belt will attract attention to your waist, and a shiny belt buckle will draw all of the eyes to your belly button area! Plus size belts for women are a dime a dozen, so use the tips throughout this article to choose the best one!