How to Choose your Plus Size Belts
Having a plus size body type has its undesirable forthcomings when shopping. When buying new clothes, it is likely that those who have a plus size body size will stumble upon the problem of not having enough clothes to choose from. Take for example, belts. Normally, belts have similar sizes. It is assumed that belts are made to fit all kinds of body size. However, they are not always enough to fit a plus size body. It is a sheer luck to find a belt that is just right for a plus size body. Some people even opt to buy belts for male (since most of them are longer) out of desperation. All of these concerns make up a huge problem but before we get all our hopes down, let us first evaluate the situation first. Sometimes, the reason why a plus size person couldn't find a belt is because he/she does not know what type of belt to wear.

When choosing the size of belt to buy, make sure that it is long enough to fit your waist and hips. Belts can be used when wearing a trouser or a hipster-type of jeans. Belts don't normally adjust to the size of your jeans especially if they are very thick. Your belt should be wide enough to cover your underwear and the waistline of your pants. For a plus size person with hips that are about 36-42 inch wide, make sure that you allot an allowance of two-three inch length.

There are certain brands that carve the specific number of length right under the buckle of the belt to make sure that the customers are well-informed of the size and length that will suit their body size. However, it is not the same with other brands. You should take the initiative to determine your own size by estimating the length of the belt from the fly of your pants to the holes of the belt. Most belts have no more than four holes. Make sure that the buckle will just reach the second or third hole in order to give more room in case you lose or gain weight. Keep this measurement in mind whenever you are in the market for new belts. Try and browse the web to look for the style and color of belt that you prefer.
Now, if you are inside a clothing store and you are faced with the dilemma of not finding the belt that matches your body measurements just because you are a plus size, don't panic. There other ways in order to find belts. You can choose a brand that you like and have the belt pre-ordered from the shop's website. You can also visit some local stores and with patience, you can eventually find that belt that is just right for you.

Plus Size Garter Belts
Most people attest to the observation that wearing garter belts is more comfortable than wearing button belts. For a plus size woman, there is nothing more reassuring than wearing garter belts all day especially if you go to a party and there lots of food to eat. Garter belts have a unique way if stretching out when your stomach is full and stretching in when it's empty thus eliminating the stress of feeling uncomfortable. However, there is always a limitation when it comes to wearing a garter belt. Just because it somehow adjusts to your body size does not mean that you will keep on abusing it. The best move is to wear a garter belt that is just right for your size but don't overuse it.

A very common practice of plus size women nowadays is wearing a garter belt and pairing it with thigh high stockings to make sure that the legs are shaped evenly. It is a lot of work at first but once you get used to it, your body will adjust and so do you. You will realize that it is always best to start the day right by wearing this combo.

Now, how do you know that a garter belt fits you? There are few things to keep in mind, first, make sure that the garter belt fits your waist and not just your hips. It should not be too tight or too loose. It should be tight enough to hug your waist to avoid any falling out incidence but not too tight that it might cause you discomfort and potentially body pain. The second thing that you should check before buying a garter belt are the straps. They should be attached firmly to the hems of the garter belt. Also, they should be adjustable in order to match its length depending on the length of your stockings and your legs. In addition, you should also count the number of straps that are attached to the garter belt. Most garter belts have four straps enough to wear to a good soiree or dance. However, there are shops that sell garter belts with six straps that are best recommended to wear to a whole-day event. Some straps are removable but for better ease and usage, it is best if you buy the readily-attached straps.