When shopping for plus size blouses and shirts, it can be hard to figure out just what style works, and quite often you will just buy a big baggy shirt. This actually can make you look bigger than you are and does not really flatter your body.

Many people think if they wear slimmer looking jeans, and then the big baggy shirt, they will look slimmer, but the baggy shapeless shirt is all you see. You want something a bit more tailored and polished when it comes to thefitting of  shirts or blouses.

With more and more plus size models walking the runways in the fashion shows, designers have started to create a lot of tops that are designed to fit the larger framed girl. Being plus size, basically means, size 14 and up. You may be a bigger boned frame, and therefore have had hard times trying to find blouses for example that didn't pull at the bust line or be too tight on the arms.

With the newer designs on the market now, in the plus size tops, you have a lot more choice. Arms are made with a bit more room, and darts are added just below the bust line to accent your body. Those darts just under the bust in many styles are just gentle tweaks to the style, but can make all the difference. They give you a look of a waistline, without tugging or looking to tight.

The fabrics in the blouses, are designed to flow, and as long as you get one that is the right size for you, you will actually look taller and slimmer, compared to a baggy shapeless blouse.

Make sure it is sized right, not be pulling at the buttons, if you have a button down the front style. You do need a bit of room here for movement, but the tapered seams at the sides or darts will still give you that tailored look. Blouses look great for the office, or to dress up a skirt or a pair of dress pants. They can also go out on the town with some added accessories.

Plus Size ShirtCredit: Amazon.com
Jones New York Women's Plus-Size Extended Sholder Embellished Top, Celestial Multi, 2X
Amazon Price: $84.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2013)
this is a beautiful top.

If you are looking for more casual wear, then a shirt will be a great fit as well. They too, will have tapers side seams and/or gentle darts to pull in slightly at a high waist that then flows over your body. You can get these in cottons and polyesters and make a great team with a good fitting pair of plus size jeans.

Finding blouses, shirts and tops, is a lot easier now than it used to be. Many retailers are adding plus size sections to their fashions, and there are still many specialty stores around, that can help you get fitted for blouses and shirts and more.

You can also get them online.  Start by checking to see if your favourite clothing store has an online presence.  Many times they will carry more stock online than in their physical store.  

You can also check with Amazon, for great deals and quite often free shipping.  Even your own retailer may have a online presence. Decide what you are looking for, whether it is a blouse for work or a shirt for the weekends, and have fun shopping. Don't resort to those baggy shirts anymore!  You can also check out dressy tops for more choices.

Plus Size BlouseCredit: Amazon.com


Vince Camuto Women's Plus Size Contrast Center Seam Cheetah Blouse, Field Khaki, 3X
Amazon Price: $79.00 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 24, 2013)
perfect for a dressy occasion or work.

So, don't be afraid to go shopping!  There are so many cool styles on the market now for the larger curvy girl.  No more baggy styles, they are better fitting and created from great fabrics.  So no matter what you size you will find something that looks great.  

Go shopping online there are so many styles to choose from.  Plus online you can see such a huge assortment of fashions that will fit you just right.  The styles pictured above are a couple of examples from Amazon.  As you can see they offer great choices and selections and are affordable and usually free shipping.