Wanting to dress nice and look fashionable can sometimes be a bit challenging for the plus size girl, especially when it comes to finding boots. If you find this frustrating, you are not alone.

Large size boots, are usually created with a wider foot and/or a wider calf. You do not need to be a plus size girl to actually have problems fitting boots and footwear. Many of the styles, especially for boots with a shaft (the part that covers your calf). You may fit the foot part, but can’t zip up the shaft part over your calf.

You may be athletic, or simply have a wider calf. Nothing worse then trying to wear taller winter boots, that end up cutting off circulation because they are too tight in the calf or you can't do up the zipper on the side. This is uncomfortable and can be dangerous. There are some styles that have a flexible calf, which works well too, but the downside to these “knit” soft calf style, is they tend to fall down.

So, just where can you find the right size boot for wider calves, that is fashionable and doesn’t just look like something your great grandma would wear? Well designers have been working with plus size models for fashions and have also been working on shoes and boots too.

You just have to work out which part is widest for you. For some people it is the shoe part itself, and for others, it is the ankle or calf. So, many girls with a wider calf would shy away from the fashionable boot styles simply because they could not get it wide enough. But most stores are now carrying lines of designer boots and fashionable shoes with the wider calf.

They are usually labeled “wide calf” and no longer are just associated with ugly styles! So, if you have been wanting a pair of new boots, but hesitate to go shopping for them, you should take some time and really look now. Most shoe stores carry the wider calf, and also larger sizes, but shopping online is truly a great way to go when it comes to plus size boots.

You have more choice online as many online stores compete for your business. Also many online stores don’t have to worry about shelf space in their virtual stores, so they can stock more, and have a lot more choices.plus size boots for wider calvesCredit: amazon.com

Lets face it, we were not all born with the perfect small sized calf. No matter what dress size you take, you could have a wider calf, and therefore need to shop for a larger sized boot with wider calves.

Decide which style you are going for, and check online first, to compare prices or to order. There are a few great online stores that carry designer name tags, such as Jessica London. This is a well known line of plus size fashions. They also carry plus size boots for wider calves.

So, if winter is here and you are looking for some cool and fashionable boots to get you around, or maybe a stylish dress boot for wearing with that dress or for your new jeans, then check out the latest styles on the market now. There is a lot more choice then there ever used to be. So, if you have a wide foot, or a wide calf, you can still wear the latest trendy styles. So, go shopping!

You will find all kinds of cool designs for any size out there now.  Designers have done their homework, so check out chic and trendy tops too!



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there are so many stylish ones that fit all different sizes, so go shopping online and see what you can find.