If you are looking for plus size bridesmaid dresses and also smaller sized dresses, this can be a challenge. But why not be a bit different?

Who says the dresses have to match exactly? You are getting married, and are excited to be organizing a wedding. You have all your girlfriends on board, and everyone is excited. The problem is, that your bridesmaids are all different sizes. How are you going to dress them in the same dresses?

Why not change things up at your wedding? At my wedding, I had the same problem, plus I also had different age groups in my bridal party. A dress that might look great on one busty girl was not going to look so hot on another girl.


I wanted them to have beautiful dresses, whether regulars sized, petite or plus size bridesmaid dresses. So, I decided to come away from the usual tradition of having them all dressed in the same dress. I threw out all the rules, because I could see how upset some of my friends were going to be, trying to fit into a dress than neither suited them or fit them properly, because of their body balance.

I decided that I would give them the color theme, and because they were buying their own bridesmaid dresses, that they should pick their own dress. I just gave them a few rules on my theme (such as no mini dresses!, or sparkles) and sent them off shopping for their own dresses.

This worked out really well, since the groom and the ushers, were all quite happy to just get a suit rented and fitted for the day, the girls wanted to wear something they would wear again. I had sent a color idea to everyone, and off they went shopping on their own. I was nervous at first, but it all worked out well.

I had one bridesmaid flying in for the wedding, so she bought her dress where she lived, and was able to get a nice blue. At the rehearsal dinner, they showed me their dresses, and I was excited, because I had not seen them up until now, and although different styles, the colors were almost the same. So, I still had my pale blue theme.

My wedding was smaller than the usual, and I just didn't want the headaches of forcing the girls to be buying plus size bridesmaid dresses in styles they didn't like just to look the same. I wanted us all happy, so there we were in our wedding photo's with all the girls dressed in blue longer dresses, in styles that were unique to each one and fit them well. They were happy and I was happy I didn't have to go through the headache of fittings with them, and tears over ones that I knew would not look right.

My friends are all different shapes and sizes, from plus size to tiny petite, so why should I force a design on the plus size girl that was designed for the petite girl with a cinched in waist and slim hips. That just wasn't fair to anyone.

This worked out well. This might not be your idea of the perfect day, but the only fitting I had to go through was for my own wedding dress. To this day my girlfriends still remember having fun wearing a dress they liked and kept on wearing. Compared to other weddings they have been in since, and got banished to the back of the closet.

So, when organizing your wedding, you are going to have to take into consideration the different sizes of your girl friends. Just because a size 6 looks good on one friend doesn't mean by getting it in a size 18 that it will look good on your other friend.

Plus size girls, have fashions that are designed a little differently, to hug the right curves, and usually stay away from tiny cinched in waists. So, if all your friends just happen to be the same size, then have fun shopping, but if they are not? Let them shop.