Plus size clothing is an industry that has come a really long way. No longer do women need to shop in the tiny areas of department stores that held only a couple of racks of plus size clothing that grandma wouldn't be caught dead in. Also gone are the days of mail order catalogs with flowery mumu dresses made of cheap polyester that fell apart after one wash. Designers have finally accepted that there is a market out there for high-quality, fashionable plus size clothing. One store that especially answers the call for plus size clothing is Lane Bryant.

Lane Bryant is a clothing store catering to sizes 14 and up. They have stores all across the United States and online at They sell all types of apparel and accessories, including activewear, career, casual, trendy, outerwear, and their own special line of lingerie known as Cacique.

Lane Bryant fills a void for plus size women by offering all pants in petite, average, and tall sizes. Since women who wear plus size clothing are not always the same height or shape, it is wonderful that a brand offers different types of fits.

Right Fit Flare Jeans by Lane Bryant

For example, Lane Bryant has a line of jeans and trousers called Right Fit. Right Fit is based on the idea that all women are shaped differently. The three different types of Right Fit are:

· Blue – Blue is for more curvy women; those who are smaller in the waist but fuller in the hips and thighs.

· Yellow – Yellow is for women who are 'straighter', meaning they have less curves in the hips and thighs and the measurements in the hip/thigh areas are not that much different than their waist measurements.

· Red – Red is a little in-between Blue and Yellow. Reds are moderately curvy, but not as much so as Blue.

The Right Fit line has a special sizing chart that is based on the measurements of the hips and waist. Right Fit also carries petite, average, and tall sizes.

Cacique, Lane Bryant's line of lingerie and underwear, also does a brilliant job of combining fit and form with trendy designs and fun, sexy colors. The carry a huge variety of bras in all different sizes, from a C cup to an H cup (most of the bra sizes past the D cups need to be ordered online). Ladies, don't be afraid to occasionally take new measurements for your bra size. It makes a huge difference in comfort and fit when the correct bra size is worn. They also carry panties in different styles and colors, as well as sleepwear, camisoles, babydolls, and corsets.

Being a plus size woman does not necessarily make her fat. Rather, women are now given more options based on her body shape. Lane Bryant delivers with trendy clothes and flattering fits.