Find the Perfect Plus Size Cocktail Dress

Dressing up is fun, and women love to find an occasion when they can come away from jeans or work wear, and get into a cocktail dress or little black dress and feel sexy and feminine. If you are larger size, don’t let this bother you, you can still feel and look sexy in a trendy plus size cocktail dress. It is all in the fit, and dressing up your best bits, and gently hiding the bits you don’t want to show will help! No matter what size you wear, most women tend to have one area they don’t like to show off.

Once you have identified an area, that you don’t want exposed, then you can work on the other parts you would like to expose, such as shoulders or legs. This helps to minimize all the changing and trying on a number of dresses that are not for you, which can cause frustration. If you have decided to show off your great sexy shoulders, then get help finding cocktail dresses that are designed for strapless, off the shoulder or one shoulder.

A cocktail dress is a great dress to wear to weddings, reunions and anywhere you really want to dress up and look elegant You can add lots of accessories to these dresses, but don’t make the accessory the star of the show, keep them simple. Simple lines, and gentle curves work well with a plus size figure.

When trying to find a larger size dress that works for you. Take stock of your body. If you like your upper body, then why not try one of the stunning one shoulder cocktail dresses that are making a hit in the fashion world and show off a sexy shoulder. This draws the eye upwards and if you keep it all one color, especially some of the deep burgundy’s and deep blues, you will look taller and slimmer. You will feel good and stand tall.

If you are quite proud of your bust, then a totally strapless style, would work perfectly. If you worry that you will not have enough support in the bust, don’t worry, many of these strapless cocktail dresses have built in support that actually pushes you up a bit to enhance your bust line. This also draws the eye upwards and away from other areas you may be trying to hide. You can always add a shimmering lightweight shawl if you don’t want to bear your shoulders or arms all the time, or just want a bit of cover up and still look sexy.

You can look sexy in a cocktail dress, by keeping it the same color, with no patterns, a little black dress would work here too. But you don’t have to resort to black to look taller and slimmer, you can look at the deep burgundy’s or deep greens and blues that work well for evening wear.

Take a day, and spend some time trying on different styles of dresses. If you like your legs the best, then find a nice cocktail dress that comes to just above the knees, and paired with some heels, this will show off those sexy legs.

The trick to feeling sexy in a cocktail dress, is to have one that hugs the right curves and slides over the other ones. Don’t wear it too tight. This is not the time to worry about that number on the size tag, you can always cut it off if it bothers you. No one needs to know the size. You need to find a dress that fits you. Once you have one on you like, walk around a bit, make sure you can breathe well, and can bend and move. Otherwise you will feel self conscious in it, and it will work its way to the back of the closet.

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Many designers have created stunning and chic cocktail dresses, but also the different fashion houses that create them, can vary in sizes. So, some may seem lower sizes and others higher, so you may need to take in a few to try on, but don‘t get hung up on the size tag number.

The latest trends in cocktail dresses, is “retro” meaning the dresses from the 40s 50s and 60s are back in. Layering with lightweight materials especially in the top are very popular too. It all depends on your body type, and this is the same advice no matter what size you wear.

You will know when you try it on, if you are going to feel good in it. Bring a friend, or ask for educated help in a plus size store. If you are not used to wearing strapless and off the shoulder or one shoulder style cocktail dresses, it will take a little getting used to, but you should know quickly if you like it on, and how you feel wearing it.Plus Size Cocktail DressCredit:

When wearing a strapless or off the shoulder or one shoulder dress, you can make yourself feel even sexier, by using a shimmering body lotion on your upper body. This can give your skin a healthy glow. You can use this on your legs as well. Or you can go one step further and use a sunless tanning lotion a few days before to get a even tone on any of the skin you will be showing off. You will look like you were kissed by the sun and have a healthy glow, and by making your skin tone even, you can look even sexier.

Don’t forget some accessories, such as heels and splurge and get your makeup done. This will feel like you have had a makeover, and you will feel sexy in your new dress.

If you feel good when you walk around in your plus size cocktail dress, then you will enter a room standing tall, rather than pulling at too tight bits and becoming a wall flower in a corner. Go and have fun. Find a trendy chic cocktail dress and feel sexy at that next dinner party.

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