If there are parties on your list this year, and you just don’t know what to wear, then check out the latest in plus size dressy tops that can glam up any outfit.

If you are watching your budget, then getting a dressier top is a way to stretch your wardrobe rather than going for a dress, which can cost much more and may sit in your closet for a while afterwards depending on your lifestyle.

If you have a good pair of black slacks in your closet that fit nice, then you can simply jazz them up with a glitzy top or something a little dressier.  But still have these same black pants to wear to work or other functions with other tops.

Having a pair of good black dress pants and/or a skirt are great basics to have, and allow you the ability to quickly put together an outfit whether for the office or for a night on the town.

Dressy Tops

Plus Size Dressy Tops
Credit: avenue.com

Avenue Plus Size Sequin Stripe Tunic Tee

This is a really nice red "edgy" number that could look good for a night out or dressed down with jeans.

Any colour top is going to match your black pants or skirt, even sparkly ones or dressy ones, so there is no need to fill your closet with different coloured bottoms.  Black, navy blue and grey are great basics to look for.

Since more than 65% of North American women are considered plus size, many designers and stores have jumped into the plus size market creating all kinds of chic and trendy styles that look good.

Gone are the days of the basic baggy shirt with no shape, or the size 2 that was simply made bigger and wider (they never hug the right curves).  Designers have got better at creating good looking and trendy plus size garments for everything from hiking, to the office to a night on the town.



Dressy Tunic Tops for Women

Dressy tunic tops for Women
Credit: avenue.com

Avenue Plus Size Space Dye Cowl Neck Shimmer Top

 Glitzy pullover style tunic top that will look great at the party.

You have a lot more choice, and with the glitzy season upon us with many office parties to attend you are going to want to get yourself a dressy top that will not only fit well for your plus size figure but look awesome!

You need to find a size that fits just right.  Ignore the number on the tag, just use it as a guide for finding the right rack of clothes, and if you need to find something to wear to a party but don’t want to blow your holiday budget out of the water then head for the plus size dressy tops section.

You should see them right away with the sequins, or glitzy look that basically screams glamour when you hold it up.

With glitzy and shimmery wear you need to make sure and not wear it too tight or it will show every bulge and make you actually look larger than you are.

Find a top that is not too baggy and not too tight.  Good quality, well designed plus size clothes especially dressy tops, should hug all the right curves and glide over the not so great ones.

Decide on your best qualities and find a top that accents them and hides the other parts.  Once you find the plus size dressy top you would like to wear to that party, then if budget allows accessorize it with some more glitter such as jewelry and you will shine!