Plus size evening wear, has come a long way.

Gone are the tents in large prints, or black so that you fade into the background with a shapeless dress, and in come the latest in designer fashions that you are going to love.

Women can attend many evening functions in style, with lots of evening wear to choose from. Since research shows that more than 65% of North American women are size 14 and up, which is considered "plus size" that designers would finally get around to designing sleek, chic and well fitting evening wear.

Throw out the so called rules, when wearing evening wear. Enhance the parts of your body that you feel confident about. If you have great shoulders, then why not wear a "off one shoulder evening gown?. Wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Designers have got better at designer styles that suit the curvy girl instead of simply making size 2s larger, which just doesn't work, they just don't hug the right curves, we need our own style.  This way you have your own unique styling.

When evening wear is designed to fit your size, you will actually look slimmer. As with any fashion and at any size, you have to decide which areas you would like to enhance. This is the best way to hide the areas you don't feel as comfortable with. Rather than stuffing those areas into something that is too tight, spend the time enhancing the areas that you do like. Your "not so nice" area will seem to disappear. This is based on everything from your shape to your height in deciding what style you should wear. These tips apply to any size.

If you wear something bulky you will actually look heavier as the eye will stop and the tugging fabric instead of looking smooth and put together.

But the most important tip, for wearing evening wear, or actually any slinkier fabric, is that you need to make sure to have good fitting lingerie. Sometimes you have to spend more on your underwear than the garment, but this is worth the expense. A good well fitting bra, fitted by a bra professional (most lingerie shops have one, and it doesn't have to be a plus size store, I found mine in a regular lingerie store) will make you feel better. No more tugging, and pulling, your bra should move with you, and let you breathe.

If you have well fitting lingerie, you will get rid of 

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extra bulges, that will always show through evening wear, or any clothing for that matter. If you can create a smooth line, under your clothing, you will feel like a million bucks, and you will present yourself in such a way, that you will actually look confident and slim.

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you can get that little black dress and look stunning.

Plus Size Evening Dresses

Look stunning in the latest designs created just for the larger curvy girl market.  Afterall, not everyone is a size 2!  You can get so many styles now that you will need to take your time.  Identify your best parts and find a dress that accents them.  You can shop online too, as sites such as Amazon have lots to choose from for a great price.

Get a style that suits your body type and you will look slimmer, stand taller and feel great.  No more baggy dresses for you.