Plus size fashions, are really making their mark. They have found their niche, and it is about time!

Shopping has become fun now for anyone size 14 and up. No longer do you have to look at the latest trendy fashions, geared to a size 2, and then try to find something similar in a size 18. You see those stores in the mall, with the size 0-2 manikin in the front of the store, and traditionally all the low sizes would be all around this manikin, and the larger sized fashions would be in the back. Not any more!

You will still see stores like that, but you will also see stores that cater to a different figure. You will see different sizes and shapes of manikins now too. Dressed to enhance their physique. This will give you some great ideas of how to wear certain styles.

Many retailers, are also hiring professional staff that can help you fit into the size that suits you best, whether a size 2 or size 22. No more sending you to the back of the store with limited choices.

Most styles that are designed for a size 2, just don't look as nice at a size 18. But many fashion designers, have done their homework, and now many women, have a new lease on life, when it comes to filling up their closets with the latest in plus size fashions!

You can now shop for clothes for ANY event, from work, to the gym, swimwear, summer wear, and even the evening gown. There are plus size fashions available for every activity you are likely to want to do.

 No more plain shapeless black, so that you can fade away, or with the idea that you want to look slimmer, so make it all in black. Not anymore, colors are in, interesting styles, and trendy fashions. As with any fashion, you need to take into consideration your shape, height, size, and what enhances your good bits!. But with designers, working overtime, on creating fashions out of great fabrics, that hug the right curves, it is possible to actually love clothes shopping again.

There are many fashions now in specialty shops, as well as part of department stores, as retailers try to get in on this niche. Getting larger sized women to enjoy shopping again, is good for the bottom line of these stores, and good for the spirit of any girl, who wants to feel good in anything she is wearing.  I personally am part of that crowd!

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Swimwear was always a problem for me in the larger sizes.  It can be the most anxiety ridden shopping trip if you wear the larger sizes, and all the swimwear is geared to the smaller girl.  Way more skin was showing than I felt comfy with, so quite often I would simply get that shapeless black swim suit from the back of the store and stay on the sidelines at the pool or beach as I didn't want to take my cover up off.  

But now there is a great line of tankinis, and such that are created from fabrics that can go from the water to the barbeque.   I am loving this new style of swimwear.  Retro styling has come back to, which is cool as this covers more of the body, and the fabrics hug without hurting.  

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Professional Fashions for the Plus Size Girl

If you work in a profession that is not going to allow those baggy sweat pants and sweat shirts, then you have to look more polished.  It used to be hard to find clothing that was smart looking and fit right.  

You want it to hug the right curves and glide over the others.  The smaller sizes simply looked funny and weird when they created them larger.  But if you shop in the right stores, whether in the mall or online, you will need to allow a lot of time, as there are tons of available styles to fit you.

I am still not thrilled that the models for the larger fashions are tiny, but these styles do fit nice.  It is a matter of finding the right looking suit that fits your body shape.  It is out there, so why not shop online to get tons of ideas.   Since the internet came to be, you can see fashions from around the world and actually enjoy shopping.  


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Lovely Sun Dresses

Sun dresses used to be another sore spot for me, as the sleeves would be tiny and there would be no supports anywhere.  But the styles have changed, and there are many options.  Like most women, there is usually one body part you are not thrilled with. 

Before the choices were so limited you just took what you could find, but now you can base your choices on the parts you want to cover and the parts you want to show off.  

If you are a plus size girl and basically purchase baggy shirts and sweat pants for your casual wear, then you had better be prepared to spend more time shopping, because plus size is out front and center now!

You can go to the mall with your friends and find trendy, chic and amazing plus size fashions that will fit you and make you look great.  You no longer have to head to the "specialty store".  Since so many North American women are larger than a size 2!, this only make sense!

No matter what you do for a living, whether business professional or casual dressing, you can still feel good about yourself.  Nothing ups your mood as a good fitting piece of clothing, no matter what the size tags says!  So, allow more time for that seasonal shopping trip as there are tons of outfits to check out.