No Nonsense Fashion Tips for Plus Size Clothing

It's All About Attitude

The number one problem with plus size fashion is the stigma associated with the term “plus size”.  I like to call it being extra fabulous! I am fabulous because of my confidence, strong appreciation for style and grace, and my extra large personality.  The bottom line is that our size should never get in the way of our swagger, nor should it define us, under any circumstances. If anything, our size puts us a cut above rest.  I have just a few key things that I like to live by as an extra fabulous woman.

First and foremost, is confidence!  We have a responsibility to exude larger than life confidence.  We are forces to be reckoned with; so, remember to carry yourself with that in mind.  Be comfortable in your own skin.  When you’re confident, people notice and are more inclined to say positive things, which boosts our self-esteem even more…WINNING!

The other tip I can’t stress enough is to identify your size and wear it!  As larger women, we may sometimes shy away from measurements or scales.  However; it’s imperative to your success as an extra fabulous woman to wear clothes that fit!  Don’t hide behind big, baggy clothes, that only make you look larger, in an effort to hide your curves.  Show them off and be proud!  Don’t take this to the extreme either, skin tight clothes don’t look good on people of any size.  Wear your size.  There are great resources out there to help you find clothes that fit appropriately. One of my favorite resources is Torrid; they have high fashion, stylish plus size clothing with affordable price points.  The in-store sales representatives are extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the clothing. Once you know your best looking sizes, you can shop for fabulous fashions anytime, anywhere.

Lastly, is to accent the positive!  If you have great legs, don’t be afraid to accent them by wearing skirts and dresses.  Where vibrant prints that bring out the color in your eyes.  Who said we have to wear muted and boring pallets?  If you are blessed in the chest area, find a good supportive bra and perk ‘em up! Or, if you’re more endowed in the back, wear leggings or pencil skirts.  As long as you’re following my advice by buying clothes your size, it will be flattering and bring nothing but compliments. 

Just have fun with it, ladies! Live life to its fullest and most of all, love yourselves!

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