Plus size formal wear, has got sexy and chic!

It is time to grab your piece of the pie, when it comes to formal wear. With research showing, that more than 65% of North American women are considered plus size (which is size 14 and up) designers have finally got on the band wagon, when it comes to plus size formal wear. They have sharpened their pencils, and have really taken a good look at the styles, colors and fabrics that a plus size girl will look her best in

They have done a great job too! No longer are there formal dresses at the back of the store on one rack, all one color and shapeless, no more tents and baggy skirts, and no longer are you forced to have one made or make your own. There are so many great styles to choose from now.

If you like to sew, you will notice the sewing pattern books are loaded with these great designs and styles for you to create as well. You will have more pages to choose from! The fabrics are getting better all the time too. You can really have fun creating your own plus size formal wear.

Most retailers have also realized, that if they want to make sales, they need to cater to ALL women when it comes to fashions. That is great that there is a size 2 on the manikin, but just how many customers are going to come in and buy a size 2? By restricting sizes, they are restricting the market.

There are many great plus size stores, that cater solely to the ample sized curvy girl, but you don't have to restrict yourself anymore to these specialized stores. Many fashion outlets, are widening their range of sizes, to attract more customers. Actually one of the hardest plus sizes was 14-16, as this is just considered large or extra large in a regular store and the lowest size in a specialty plus size store.

The problem can be, that just by making a particular fashion a size "large" or "Xlarge" it doesn't always fit right, they just make all the seams larger not shapelier. Then at the specialty store, they don't tend to carry the smaller sizes, they tend to start at 16. So that in between size, could be difficult.

But not anymore, over the last couple of years, designers have really gone to town with great fitting fashions for the larger curvy girl. You have a lot of choices now, from sizes 14 and up, and if you are shopping for plus size formal wear, then you had better allow a good day of shopping! There is so much more to choose from now, especially in the formal wear, where designs were lacking before.

Start by making a mental list of your best parts of your body, and the ones you want to disguise a bit more. So, for example, if you have great shoulders, then go for a "off the shoulder" look or "strapless". If you have great legs, then raise that hemline.

Alternately, if you have bigger hips, make sure there is nothing enhancing your hips, such as frills, or larger patterns around your hips.

Many of the store's staff are trained at helping all sized women fit into dresses and clothes. You will know when you try it on whether it feels right. The worse mistake you can make is to try and fit into a size that is not for you. If you are a size 18, by trying to squeeze into a size 16, you are just going to give the appearance of bulges, which will actually make you look larger than you really are.

You need plus size formal wear, especially, to fit nice, and smooth. No big bulges and bumps. If you want to wear a more fitted dress, you may want to consider one piece lingerie. This tends to smooth out lumps and bumps (in any size actually). Otherwise, go for a style that fits your good bits, and covers your not so good bits!

Sometimes the fashion you like or see on the manikin is not for you. It may look great on the model, but you have to go by your own shape. There are many to pick from now.

So, if you have an important event or the prom or a wedding, or a special occasion, where you need to find some plus size formal wear, then pick a day, when you are in a good mood, wear easy to remove clothes (nothing worse than taking off layers and jewelry when trying on clothes!), comfortable footwear, so you can check out all the stores, and take your time and enjoy shopping!

Plus size fashions are so cool and chic this year, you may end up blowing your budget and buying more than that one dress! Of course you will need shoes, jewelry, new purse.... this could take all day!