Make a Halloween costume based on your favorite drink. This last minute costume works for all sizes including plus size.

Make Captain Morgan's jacket by using a long, large, red velvet or velour bathrobe- or dye one red. Make a 2 inch trim along the bottom and sides of the robe, and the ends of the sleeve with gold fabric paint. Paint 1 inch thick side lines by the button and their holes.

Although it's last minute, pick up a chef's hat. Wrap rubber bands around the gathered opening of the hat. Dye hat red. Trim it with gold paint around the crown to make Captain Morgan's hat.

Put on a white shirt with cuffs. Put on the robe and flip the cuffs up. Create the white ruffle at the neck by wrapping a white scarf around your neck and push the ends out of the opening for this last minute plus size Halloween costume.

Wear baggy, royal- blue pants to be an authentic Captain Morgan or toss on some blue jeans.

Find a wide brown leather belt with a huge buckle. Wrap it around your waist.

Put on a pair of red boots if you have them. If not, put red fabric around your boots and stitch or tape it together where the fabric overlaps. Paint on a gold buckle before putting fabric on your boots as Halloween is only 1 day out of the year.

Add a toy pistol- or better yet, a water gun filled with Captain Morgan- and carry a toy sword.